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Lisa Barlow Believes Claims That Mary Cosby’s Church Is A Cult

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has already provided us with plenty of fighting. Jen Shah and Meredith Marks have been going toe to toe over Jen’s insensitive tweets. Then Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose have gone back and forth about Lisa’s perceived disdain for Whitney. Now Lisa is adding a new beef to the mix, coming after Mary Cosby and her church.

Lisa recently spoke with Page Six, and confirmed that she believes the allegations floating around that Mary is running a controversial church operation. According to Lisa, “It’s crazy. I’ve never gone down the rabbit hole with Mary. From what I’m told, there’s so much stuff online that is crazy.”

Lisa clarified, “I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So, I’ve never really thought too much about what happens at Mary’s church because church is a choice — and people choose to go there.” As teased in the RHOSLC trailer, Lisa and Mary get into it, with Mary proclaiming, “I worship the god in me!”


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But in another scene, Lisa meets up with friend and community leader, Cameron Williams. He told Lisa, “Is it a cult? Yes. Does she call herself ‘God’? Yes.”

As for the allegation, Lisa said, “I believe him. I believe his feelings. I believe he was an amazing person. I believe he had an amazing heart. It’s important for people to hear his side and what he went through because it might be healing and helpful for people to hear what Cameron said to me.”

She continued,“I’m not judging anyone. I don’t like to do that. But I did hear him and I believe my friend Cameron.” Lisa concluded, “When you care about your friends, you listen to your friends. So, I heard everything Cameron said to me. You will see it in upcoming episodes. He was a remarkable person to the point that there are billboards all over Utah saying what a great person he was.”


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As for Mary, she has denied that she’s running a cult. But it seems to be another point of major drama this season. It might be overshadowed by Jen’s arrest but seems like it might be big blow up. I’ve found Mary to be quite the enigma on the show and it’s hard to understand how she fits in with the group. And it sounds like this is only going to make matters worse between Mary and her castmates. It leaves me wondering if anyone will actually stick up for Mary, or just leave her to defend herself alone. All we can do is watch and find out.


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