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Check Out The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 2 Trailer

The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’s freshman season was a surprise hit for the Real Housewives franchise.  Viewers loved the drama between Jen Shah and quirky Mary CosbyHeather Gay was an instant favorite for her candor and humor, while her cousin Whitney Rose worked a stripper pole like no other.  Meredith Marks navigated a difficult time in her marriage to Seth Marks with grace and respect, while bestie Lisa Barlow attempted to balance her work and family life.

So there already was anticipation for a second season, even before Jen was arrested for alleged wire fraud and money laundering.  Jen is all drama, and her attempted getaway and arrest was all caught on Bravo cameras and us viewers can’t wait to see how it all went down.  Well, brace yourself for September 12th at 9pm.  The Morman capital ladies are back, and just to peak your interest, the trailer for Season 2 has just been released.

Besides the usual sex talk and drunken partying, we’ve got Jen’s legal allegations and rumors that Mary is a cult leader.  What a season it will be, according to the trailer shared exclusively by People.  But it’s a slow start with an introduction to newbie Jennie Nguyen.

Jen calls her, “a little firecracker, okay?” They are seen arguing over a third party.  “Do you want to be friends with her or no?” Jennie shrieks.  “Yes, Jeannie,” Jen replies.  Jeannie proceeds to tell her, “you’d better shut the f–k up.”

Jennie’s husband Duy Nguyen revealed that he wants more children.  It seems Jennie isn’t too keen on the idea. “But you know my feelings towards that,” she tells Duy.  Duy suggests, “what if we get a sister wife?”  So this couple is Morman then?  Jennie seems to know Duy is not joking and walks away.

Heather’s family life will be presented again.  Her eldest daughter revealed the decision to attend a different church when she goes to college.  Heather was a champion mama-bear last season who wanted to help her daughters navigate life outside Morman society.  In one clip, Heather is seen being comforted by her ex-husband.  “I wish I could be who I am, and not screw up everybody,” she said through tears.

Meredith’s son Brooks Marks still has unresolved issues with Jen.  Since last season, Jen and Brooks have disagreements on social media.  “Jen has continued to like tweets about me,” Brooks tells Meredith, “she liked a tweet saying, ‘I want Jen to slap Brooks and call him a sissy bitch.'”  Is it ever ok for an adult to go after a friend’s child?  According to Jen, she’s just, “trying to defend my f–king vagina.”

Whitney and Lisa are getting their hands dirty by pushing a rumor that Mary is a cult leader.  Mary was introduced last season as the first lady of her church, but it’s taking a sinister turn now.  Lisa is seen talking with an unidentified man who confirms the rumors.  He said, “is it a cult?  Yes.  Does she call herself God?  Yes.” In the next clip, Mary passionately tells Lisa, “I’m not God, I worship the God in me.”

And finally, there’s Jen’s arrest and legal issues that will eclipse the second half of the season.  There is some hinting that Meredith had insider information.  Whitney accused, “it looks like you may have something to do with the fact that Jen was indicted.”  Lisa is heard saying, “bottom line is, Meredith knows a lot of information.”

Whether Meredith aided the investigation against Jen in some way is unclear.  But she is certainly ENGAGING this season, and Jen is her target.  “Can we talk about the hundreds of lives she has ruined?” Meredith asks the group during a cast dinner.

And as reality hits Jen, she seeks out Heather as a friend to lean on.  Lisa, on the other hand, cuts her off completely.  How many other cast members will turn their back on Jen?  Mary surely.  And Meredith clearly is passionate about Jen’s alleged wrong-doing.  The final clip shows Meredith retorting to Jen before slamming the door behind her.  “Who’s calling who a fraud?” Meredith quipps, “Love you baby! Bye!”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]