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Meredith Marks Slams Jen Shah For Denying And Repeating Her Mistakes

Meredith Marks is not playing.  She is honed in on justifying her grievances and defending her family against Jen Shah.  Meredith may have had other priorities last season on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, like saving her marriage with Seth Marks, but it’s a whole new dynamic on Season 2 because her issues with Jen were brewing since Jen did high-kicks on the Marks family sofa and exposed herself multiple times to Brooks Marks.

Meredith is bringing receipts.  Dare we call it a binder?  How about a full catalogue of Jen’s online antics as well as rebuttals to all the excuses she has used during filming to weasel her way out of accountability for her behavior towards her former friend’s son?

It seems the self-proclaimed Shah-Mazing star is choosing deflection rather than humility, and the ongoing social media activity is proof of Jen’s lack of accountability.  Everything she said on last week’s episode is consistent with that mindset.  Meredith clearly was watching the episode along with the rest of us, because she fired off a series of Tweets that read as a rebuttal to what Jen was saying during that episode.

Lisa Barlow came to Jen’s house to mediate the situation.  Jen claimed that nothing would have come of the incident with Brooks if he hadn’t, “said derogatory things,” about her vagina.  Meredith responded, “derogatory remarks” about your vagina?? Brooks NEVER made derogatory remarks about you or your vagina. Last time I checked, saying you saw someone’s vagina and that it made you uncomfortable is NOT derogatory.”

Another Tweet read, “simply saying you are uncomfortable is not disparaging… that’s called sharing your feelings. I raised my children to tell me when they are uncomfortable, especially in their own home. Stop deflecting and lying.”  Indeed, the average person would agree that Brooks was in his right to protest Jen’s antics.  And he was respectful enough, given the circumstances.

Then there is the issue of Jen’s comments regarding Brooks‘ sexuality.  Meredith alluded to the drama in another Tweet.  She wrote, “no one ever said anything was funny about your vagina. Not sure where you got that one from. Trying to tell someone what their sexuality is when you know that they are trying to figure it out is not funny in any way.”

Brooks made it clear during the episode that he has yet to label himself and figure out what his sexual preference is.  Why is Jen making any comments?  Especially towards someone’s child.  In one example, Jen liked a Tweet calling Brooks a “twink.”  Meredith explained, “to clarify — I do not think twink in and of itself is homophobic. My problem on that tweet stands that Brooks has not decided where he stands on his sexuality and Jen knew that. This comment pigeonholes him.”

One of Meredith’s followers challenged this Tweet suggesting that Meredith should go after RHOSLC viewers too.  She wrote, “WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL OUT EVERY VIEWER THAT ASSUMED BROOKS WAS GAY AFTER THE SEASON 1 PREMIERE?! Why didn’t you call us out at the Season 1 reunion? That’s what I’d like to know!”

Of course, a random viewer does not have the same platform that Jen Shah has.  Jen’s behavior is more wounding because Meredith considered her a friend at one point as well.  Meredith’s response read, “big difference. The viewers are strangers and do not know us and do not profess to be my friend. The viewers had no way to know where Brooks stood.”

Jen’s lack of accountability is enraging enough to a viewer, but how does Meredith feel watching Jen’s deflections during the episode?  Well, she was very clear in her Tweets.  One read, “here’s a thought — don’t mistreat people and you won’t need to apologize!”  Another one stated, “no accountability… how surprising.”  And finally, “more people would learn from their mistakes if they were not so busy denying and repeating them.”

Indeed, Jen’s was very vocal about having to apologize multiple times.  Perhaps the delivery was insincere or the fact that blames assistants for her social media activity.  Jen cried to Heather Gay about trust and feeling like an outsider, rather than take responsibility.  “Trust needs to be earned,” Meredith opined.

Something had to be said about Jen’s “apology outfit” too.  She had a little snark going on when she invited Heather to an Ice Palace, but wearing a leopard print coat was just too easy.  Meredith threw some shade by saying, “A leopard doesn’t change its spots. This sounds all too familiar.”

Based on the Season 2 trailer, and Jen’s continued antics on social media, such as allegedly outing an employee, it doesn’t seem like Meredith and Jen will make up anytime soon.  Throw in the legal mess Jen is in, and there will be no breaking-bread on the horizon.  Indeed, Meredith called her out for her lack of compassion and doubts Jen’s behavior will change.  “Reaction rather than responding defines who you are. Responses have compassion. Reactions are all emotions. I see you,” Meredith concluded.


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