Kelly Bensimon Says She Made Bethenny Frankel Feel Insecure

Few housewives will go down in the history books like Kelly Bensimon. The former model and mother joined the Real Housewives of New York in season two and jumped in feet first. Who could forget her telling castmate Bethenny Frankel that she was “up here” and Bethenny was “down there.” As if that wasn’t wild enough, Kelly provided one of the most iconic episodes in all of housewives history. You know we are talking about the notorious Scary Island trip of RHONY season 3. Kelly didn’t hold back on her disdain for Bethenny. While viewers thought we were witnessing a full mental breakdown, Kelly spent the entire reunion that year denying it.

Regardless of Kelly’s mental state, it’s an episode that no housewives fan will ever forget. So naturally, it made the perfect story to tell in the latest housewives tell all “Not All Diamonds and Rosé” by Dave Quinn. As reported by Page Six, Kelly was interviewed for the book and didn’t hold back.

According to Kelly, “Bethenny was just looking for attention. She was so insecure. Remember, she was the old guard and I was the new, pretty, fun girl. She didn’t have kids. I was a mom with young kids. She was struggling in her career, I was accomplished.” I think we all knew that Kelly was never short on confidence. But wow, Bethenny wow!

Kelly continued, “There were just so many things about me that — and I don’t like to use the word ‘threatened’ because I don’t like it when women talk about each other in those kinds of terms — but she felt a certain way about me that I somehow became her nemesis, immediately.” Ok, let’s get real. If you don’t like women talking about each other in those terms, you shouldn’t be saying any of this. But here we are!


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Kelly revealed that their relationship started on the wrong foot well before RHONY. Said Kelly, “Bethenny and I had met before the show because she came to an event at my house. Bethenny was dating a photographer I knew, and she was his date. I didn’t even really notice her, she didn’t make an impression on me, bad or good — and I don’t mean that in a nasty way, I mean that in a genuinely honest way.”

Jill Zarin confirmed in the book that Bethenny felt “snubbed” by Kelly. Jill dished, “Bethenny hated Kelly even before the show, because she felt that Kelly snubbed her at that party. Then she got even more upset when they met again on the show and Kelly had no idea who she was.”

Listen I know that Bethenny is a polarizing housewife. But if I was snubbed at a party, I’m sure I would get a negative impression too. And when you watched the two on the show, Kelly was anything but nice to Bethenny from the get-go. So I really can’t fault Bethenny for not taking to her.


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Either way, it’s obvious that Bethenny has moved on to bigger and better things. Is that “up here” enough for you, Kelly?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]