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Fans Wonder If Lindsay Hubbard And Carl Radke Are Dating After Coordinating Halloween Costumes

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna go ahead and request that Bravo start showing the next season of Summer House, ASAP. So much has happened off camera since filming ended last summer, that it’s rendered the upcoming show virtually extinct. And now, a Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke dating rumor has surfaced to tempt us even more. I just want to skip ahead and see all the things that are happening now.

Winter House, filmed last February, is currently airing. To be honest, I find it slightly cringe worthy, considering so many changes have happened since then. Looking at you Paige DeSorbo and Andrea Denver. I can only imagine how dated it will feel to watch Summer House.  We need some new material.

The catalyst of all these changes seems to have been the wedding of Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula (also a must see event, that as of yet, we haven’t been privy too). There was the will-they won’t-they relationship debate over the, now confirmed, relationship between Paige and Craig Conover. There was also some extreme canoodling between previous couple and current BFF’s Carl and Lindsay. Leading us to ask the question, “Are Linds and Carlito dipping their toes back in the dating pool again?” These are things I need to know.


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Lindsay recently posted a picture to Instagram of her and Carl in their Halloween costumes. And this was not just a couple of costumes, but an extreme couples costume.  Nobody wears Johnny and Baby on Halloween unless they mean it. As one commenter put it, “Tell me you’re dating, without telling me you’re dating.”

This is all the more confusing since we are currently watching Linds chase after Austen Kroll on Winter House, and rumor has it that both she and Carl were dating other people (Austen not included) over the summer. The good news, however, is that there is no more Stephen Traversie in the picture. One can only assume that Carl now knows to bring our girl a sandwich once and a while.

The Instagram post, captioned, “I carried a watermelon,” has definitely garnered a positive response from fans. Fans who are clearly shipping Carl and Lindsay. “Wait, so is this the conformation we’ve ALL been waiting for?” asked one. “Hoping this means y’all are together!!!!” said another. Yet another one responded, “Oh, I’m very here for this.” Me too, me too.


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