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Winter House Stars Austen Kroll And Lindsay Hubbard Seemingly Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Winter House has just begun, but the roomies weren’t shy when it came to starting drama. Paige DeSorbo did what EVERY single girl in the house should have done and hopped into the hot tub with Andrea Denver for a steamy makeout session. With her new boyfriend Craig Conover (who was off the market at the time of filming) sitting on the sidelines. What a boss.

But for some reason, these Summer House ladies are pressed about Austen Kroll. Mr. Muppet Mouth of Southern Charm himself is apparently the HOT COMMODITY in Vermont and I don’t get it. He and Ciara Miller made out day one, but he has a weird (and particularly messy) relationship with Fireball shot-slinger Lindsay Hubbard. But if you ask Austen, he just loves her like a sister (what a dope).

Austen appeared on Watch What Happens Live last week and Hubb House was in the front row, eyeing down his every answer. He wasn’t particularly kind of Lindsay, calling Ciara a better kisser and mostly dissing the girl who just confessed her love for him on TV. Well now, according to Queens of Bravo on Instagram, the pair might be in rocky waters.


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It looks as though Lindsay and Austen have unfollowed one another on Instagram. It could be possible that one of them blocked the other, but who even knows. It’s weird considering just a few weeks ago they were joking that it would be a total “shit show” if they dated in real life. But it looks like Linds might have some hard feelings, and who could blame her? Austen has taken the baton from Jax Taylor to being the biggest F-boy of Bravo. And he might be a wreck after Madison LeCroy’s recent engagement, so who knows how that impacted his 12 FaceTimes a day with Lindsay or whatever.

For now, I’ll be happy to watch Paige live her best life on Winter House, realize her love for Craig and watch the other ladies realize that AUSTEN KROLL isn’t the person to be pressed about. There are plenty of fish in the sea. But Linds may have lost her opportunity at a Southern Charm cameo alongside Paige if this falling out with Mr. TropHop is the real deal. Just go crawling back to Carl Radke, girl, and beg for forgiveness. He’s the real man all of these ladies should be fighting for, and he’s not even on the spinoff. 


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