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Jen Armstrong Has Multiple Lawsuits Against Her From Patients & Her Ex-Husband

Real Housewives of Orange County has started off with a bang. It’s given us more in two episodes than it has in two seasons. And we can thank Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador for that. Well, and Nicole James and her very shady lawsuit against Terry Dubrow. But if you thought that lawsuit storyline was juicy, wait until you hear about this.

Newbie Jen Armstrong has yet to make any major impression outside of revealing that her husband like to be shirtless. But it turns out that she has A LOT of skeletons in her closet. Especially when it comes to being sued. As reported by Radar Online, Jen has multiple suits against her, most notably by her billionaire ex-husband. Back in 2o14, he ex hit Jen with a suit accusing her of cheating him out of $850,000. He claimed it was a loan.

I’m sure Jen feels much differently given that they were married at the time and she was a medical student. Her ex also claims that he paid $160,000 towards her tuition. Another $160,000 for cancer treatments and also loaned her $37,000 to freeze her eggs. His claim is that she grossly “exaggerated” the cost of what she needed.

Ok it has to be said. What kind of husband, especially one that is made of money, “loans” his wife money for cancer treatments?! Why would that be a loan!? I already hate her ex. Jen said the allegations against her were “completely baseless” and called the money gifts. Said Jen in court, “He also presented me with stacks of cash on occasion, which I usually declined, and gave me credit cards with no limits to buy whatever I want. The case was eventually dismissed. Yeah, yeah, I don’t know what really went on in their marriage but so far, Team Jen.

But here is where is gets messy. Jen ended her relationship with her ex-husband when she gave birth to twins, fathered by ANOTHER MAN. What the what!? Now this is some tea. Knowing this, sounds like Jen’s ex was salty (ok, fair) about her cheating and just wanted to financially punish her. I’m sorry, I’m still Team Jen. You can drag me in the comments. Regardless of how messy their marriage was, asking for money back for cancer treatments is cruel and weird.


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But Dr. Jen, who is a Cosmetic Dermatologist, also has current legal disputes with a former patient of hers. The patient visited Jen’s office for some fillers in her face. The patient then went back for an “Exilis non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment” around her eyes and cheeks. According to the patient, that’s where things went wrong. She claims the first procedure didn’t mix well with the second one and left her face disfigured. She is currently suing Jen for unspecified damages.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jen has another lawsuit against her from a business equipment company. Pawnee Leasing Corporation slapped Jen with a $60,000 lawsuit for breaching a written agreement. The leasing company alleges that Jen and her company stopped making payments on equipment they leased from the company. Per the lease, Jen agreed to pay $1,442.78 for 55 months. Pawnee said Jen stopped paying them in February of 2020. The suit claimed, “As of this date, the total amount of the rental payments owing under the Lease… totals $30,936.74.” The company also claims Jen still has some of their equipment.


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For her part, Jen blew off the lawsuit and didn’t show up for court. This left the judge to grant a default judgment in the amount of $56,807 to Pawnee Leasing. Whew, ok that is a lot of lawsuits and a lot of money. Does Jen’s shirtless husband work? Because he might want to start.

Either way, I’m wondering how this will all play out on RHOC. We all know that housewives are notoriously uncooperative private about their lawsuits when it comes to the show. But Jen might not have a choice in the matter at this point. Let’s see if this doctor can withstand the heat of her first season.


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