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Shannon Beador Claims She Regrets Talking About Lawsuit Against Heather Dubrow’s Husband Terry Dubrow

We are only one episode into Real Housewives of Orange County and longtime star Shannon Beador is already being accused of stirring the pot. To recap, Shannon revealed to costars Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter that friend of Nicole James sued Terry Dubrow. And here wife Heather Dubrow was just coming back to save the franchise!

By the looks of the next episode, it seems that this really caught Heather off guard. And put both Emily and Gina in an impossible position. All while Shannon presumably watches it play out, like she wasn’t the one who started it all.

But I guess Shannon does have some form of conscious though. She recently told Page Six that she regrets her actions. Shannon admitted, “I shouldn’t have said it because I never wanted it to come out on camera. I would never want to hurt anyone’s family or their business. That was upsetting to me because even though you’re saying something to two girls, you’re not saying it to the world.” She added, “But when you are on camera, you are saying it to the world. So, that’s where I feel bad. I shouldn’t have even confided in them.”


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Like I mentioned before, previews for the next episode show it blowing up in Shannon’s face. Both Emily and Gina can’t sit by any longer with Heather in the dark. So they tell her about the lawsuit. At the first party Heather is hosting for them at her epic house, mind you. Shannon maintains that she didn’t mean to start trouble. Especially since she’s worked so hard to mend her relationship with Heather.

Shannon claims she asked herself during the fight, “Is this all really happening? You can’t script some of this stuff.” While she claims she is “in a good spot” with Heather, Shannon is hurt that Emily and Gina suggested that she causes trouble then takes off. Shannon said, “I think that is an absolute inaccuracy because I don’t like to hurt people. I will call people out on things that they do that are unkind, but I really don’t attack people’s character.”

She continued, “I don’t like to create drama. I’m opinionated and that gets me in trouble quite often, but I don’t like to argue with people. It’s frustrating to me that Gina and Emily feel that I told them because I wanted them to bring it up. Not at all.” Girl, you’re on a show where it is nothing but causing drama. That’s the whole point.


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At the very least, Shannon didn’t tell the other ladies why Nicole was suing Terry. But rumor has it, it was from a “botched boob job.” And Shannon maintains that she didn’t even know that it was Nicole who filed the suit until later. Shannon claimed, “At that point, I didn’t even know that it was the same girl because it didn’t make sense to me that the Dubrows would be friends with someone they were involved in a lawsuit with.” Shannon pointed out that Nicole had a different last name when she knew her years ago.

She added, “At the same time, when finding out that it was the same girl, I’m not going to question what they resolved between themselves … years ago. I’m still not going to bring it up.” On a side note, why did Nicole even show up to the house of someone she was suing? All for some camera time, one would assume.


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Despite Shannon having issues with Emily and Gina in the past, she was hoping that they could forge a deeper connection this year. She admitted, “I was feeling a burgeoning friendship with them. We had a Kumbaya moment, [saying], ‘We’re not going to bring this up.’ [Then] it’s brought up. I was hopeful that they would respect what we had discussed.”

But despite the difficult start, Shannon is happy that she is growing closer to her former enemies. She disclosed, “One thing about this show is that you never say never. I didn’t really get along with them when I first met them and I was going through a very acrimonious divorce [from ex-husband David Beador] at the time. So, it wasn’t on my priority list to bring new people into my life. But now that I’ve spent more time with [Gina and Emily] and it’s our fourth year together, there are some really great qualities in both of the girls.”


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