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Paige DeSorbo And Craig Conover Make Their Love Instagram Official

 Winter House has ended and Southern Charm is on deck. So much has happened on and off camera for these shows. I’s time for a little catch up. During Winter House, fans watched Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo get her flirt on with rando Andrea Denver. Meanwhile, most viewers were purely interested in the dynamic brewing between Paige and Craig Conover from Southern Charm. Not only have these two admitted to having back and forth crushes over the years, but since Winter House filming wrapped, rumors were circulating that the two had finally gotten together!

In mid-October, after a metric ton of speculation, Paige and Craig announced that their romantic relationship is official. Some might think this relationship is merely a publicity stunt, but the love birds disagree. Paige made in very clear during a podcast interview that her relationship with Craig is anything but a grab for likes. At the time of their announcement she said, “The number one thing that’s really been pissing me off is people are like, ‘Oh they’re just acting and they’re doing this as a PR stunt.”

Paige argued that if her relationship with Craig was for publicity she would be “posting it all over.” Paige even claimed she would “have the best captions to everything.” And I believe her. Now that some time has passed and these two love birds have been through at least one full filming season as a couple, it seems the time to stunt on the haters has arrived.


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In an Instagram post made over the weekend, Paige shared a glamorous picture of herself with her new boo Craig. The caption says, “Sew in love.” Alrighty then!

Commenters rushed to the post with affirmations for the pair. One said, “We love a supportive of the sewing moment.” Another added, “Grid official!!”

Back in October Paige made it very clear that while she was content to make posts with Craig in her Instagram stories, they hadn’t reached grid-level quite yet. At the time she said, “This is my real-life boyfriend. You’re not posting your boyfriend on your Instagram until he says ‘I love you.’” Love a girl with standards.


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