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Paige DeSorbo Denies Hooking Up With Luke Gulbranson On Summer House After TikTok Rumors Surface

Grab your LoverBoys, kids, it’s almost time for another season of Summer House that’s bound to be as lit as ever. The dynamics have changed, but the Hamptons’ crew’s ability to party all day and cause drama all night will never subside. Thankfully, they’re still letting the cameras capture all of the mess for us to enjoy.

This time around, we’ll have the royal wedding between Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke, but it wasn’t without its bumps in the road (that’s putting it lightly based on what we’ve seen in the trailer). The Southern Charm boys will be back in the mix, considering Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo are officially official. To make things more interesting, Paige’s Winter House fling Andrea Denver is making his summer debut. And, praise be, Carl Radke will finally be back. And he may or may not be hooking up with Lindsay Hubbard again. I told you, buckle up for a wild season.

Considering Season 6 is fast approaching, fans have been analyzing teasers and trying to map all of the drama that went down with the Good Vibes Tribe last summer. In a TikTok post (shared by @commentsbybravo), one Summer House fan had an interesting theory about Paige and Luke Gulbranson that prompted a response from the fashion diva.

In TikTok, a fan (who also hosted a podcast called Morgan’s Pop Talks) explained that they believed Paige and Luke hooked up at one point. There was a rumor surfacing the internet that Paige and Luke were all over each other at a festival. “I asked [Luke] about it when he was on my podcast — he kind of skirted around the question,” Morgan said. “He said, ‘Paige can hang on me, I’ll hang on her all day.'” The podcast host also points out that Craig and Luke don’t seem to be good buddies. At least, Luke’s not anywhere near Austen Kroll’s level.


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Craig recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and said that he thought Luke had the biggest ego of the Winter House crew. “On my podcast, Luke said he thought that Craig was projecting,” Morgan said. Also, Paige and Luke’s body language screams chemistry in the Summer House Season 6 promo, as pointed out by Morgan. “Could they be any hotter? It’s just a conspiracy theory but I think I’m onto something,” Morgan concluded. I wouldn’t rule out any Summer House hookups at this point, but it seems like a stretch. Especially after last season when Paige and Hannah Berner brought up their suspicions about Luke and HubbHouse. It just doesn’t add up. And despite the solid evidence, Paige is denying that anything happened.

Paige commented on the TikTok, “I love Luke – Craig and Luke also love each other. 2 of my best friends have made out with him so I would neverrrrrr even flirt with him,” Paige said. Veryyy interesting. First of all, I love her speaking for Craige as a unit, goals. Secondly, I believe her. She’s pretty loyal to Hannah and Ciara Miller, so it’s not her style to mack on Lumberjack Luke after all the drama.


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