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Summer House Season 6 Trailer: Amanda Batula Almost Calls Off Wedding With Kyle Cooke; Southern Charm’s Craig Conover And Austen Kroll Cause Drama With Paige DeSorbo, Lindsay Hubbard And Ciara Miller

Since Winter House ended its too-short debut season, I’ve felt like there’s been something missing from my life (or more accurately, my Wednesday nights). Sure, Real Housewives of Orange County’s return has eased the pain, but I miss my Good Vibes Tribe. I’m a firm believer that Summer House and Southern Charm are some of the best shows on Bravo these days, so I hate when they are missing from my TV screen.

However, the network decided to treat us this Wednesday with a welcome surprise — a drama-filled Summer House trailer, complete with cameos from Southern Charm buddies (and unofficial part-time New Yorkers) Austen Kroll and Craig Conover. I’ve watched the trailer half a dozen times since it dropped on E! Online, so I’m here to break it down for you. Nothing would bring me more joy.

Summer should be fun, but when the long-awaited royal wedding between Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke is at stake, tensions are high. The sneak peeks from the wedding seem sweet — Carl Radke officiated the celebration of love. But in the weeks leading up to the party of the summer, Kymanda was heading towards a breakup. No, like seriously.

Paige DeSorbo even breaks down in tears in the trailer, telling Amanda she can call off the wedding if she wants. “Does he understand that he’s literally on the brink of losing you?” Paige told her friend. Kyle and Amanda have had their problems since Summer House Season 1. It’s not shocking to me that when the stakes are as high as ever, the cracks in their relationship return. But that doesn’t mean I don’t root for them — I love both of them separately and together. But Kyle needs to figure out that while he says he’s not responsible for their “whole relationship,” he bears at least half the burden.

Speaking of Paige, her Winter House lover Andrea Denver is joining her in the Hamptons, ready to party. Paige and Andrea left things on a cute note, but we know now that she’s got an official LoverBoy in her life — Craigy. Apparently, this love triangle causes a riff, as Andrea thinks that Paige ditched him for his friend, the Sewing King. Andrea, my sweet baby, even breaks down in tears about the situation. I’m just glad Winter House wasn’t the last we got to see of the Italian Stallion. Thank you, Bravo, for keeping us fed.


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Paige and Craig aren’t in a total honeymoon phase, though. His supposed “love triangle” with none other than Kristin Cavallari comes into question. Paige confronts her man, asking if he was hooking up with Kristin. “Watch me f–king walk away,” Paige screams at one moment. So there is some trouble in paradise. But it’s OK — it only makes them stronger. The next Bravo wedding I need is the glamorous celebration of Craige. And Craig absolutely needs to sew something on her wedding dress or it’s a no from me, dog.

The love triangles don’t stop. Austen is in the mix, so what did you expect? His winter romance with Ciara Miller trickles into the Hamptons House. But Lindsay Hubbard is back, so of course, there are problems. Linds and Jason Cameron don’t seem to be so serious, as she’s having HotHubb Summer and making out with anyone and everyone (maybe even Carl if the rumors are true). She even seemingly hooks up with Austen, even though the pair are barely even friends these days. The trailer features a NSFW clip in the trailer that literally made me gag out loud. Linds responds to his explicit sexual offers by calling him “the sweetest human,” which is on-brand for my Hot Mess Express.

The Ciara and Lindsay drama leads to feuds between the ladies. Danielle Olivera is the only one to speak some sense into them. “You girls going after each other when he’s the problem,” Danielle says of Austen. But Dani and Ciara literally get into a separate feud that leads to wine glasses being thrown at the dinner table. Sounds like classic Bravo drama, but really? All of this fuss over Austen Kroll? Paige tries to get it through in Ciara’s head by saying, “If someone doesn’t like you, they’ve had a lobotomy.” And Ciara replies by asking what a lobotomy is. It’s giving me Kathy Hilton asking who Hunky Dory is vibes and I’m living for it.

Luke Gulbranson is finally over Ciara and ready to defend the ladies against Austen’s manipulative behavior. He confronts Austen about playing the two ladies and Austen claps back, “Go make maple syrup.” I’m absolutely screaming. I Stan Mountain Man Luke like no other.


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Summer House also features a few newbies outside from just Andrea, with bios via Entertainment Weekly. Alex Watch is a fitness instructor with six-pack abs and a fun-loving attitude perfect for a debaucherous summer. Then we have Mya Allen, a restaurant consultant who bonds with Amanda because she dumped her fiance in quarantine prior to their wedding. You can’t make this stuff up.

The trailer also features plenty of twerking, outrageous costumes, and even a quick clip of Carl pole dancing, which lives rent-free in my mind. And we didn’t even need Hannah Berner in the mix to cause all of this mess. Summer House is in its prime, and I cannot wait for January 17 for the new season to premiere.

Check out the Summer House trailer below.


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