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Heather Dubrow Explains Why She Was Quick To Forgive Gina Kirschenheiter After She Called Out Nicole James’ Lawsuit On Camera

Heather Dubrow is back on Real Housewives of Orange County, and wow. Love her or hate her, the show has needed someone to steer us away from the wretched Tres Amigas. Heather to the rescue! At this point, only Shannon Beador remains. I wonder how long that will last.

Shannon apparently thought she could trust Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson with some low-down info regarding Terry Dubrow’s plastic surgery practice. Off camera, Shannon had mentioned to Gina and Emily that she may already know the newest OC friend-of, Nicole James from back in the day. It sounds like when Shannon learned the newbie Nicole was going to be joining the show as Heather’s friend, she questioned whether it actually was the ‘Nicole’ she knew. Shannon shared that her friend Nicole had previously sued Terry Dubrow, making it hard to believe this woman would really be Heather’s friend now. What a delicate way to also put down the returning Housewife/Shannon’s personal nemesis too!

Whatever Shannon’s intention for dragging both Terry’s practice and a potential new friend-of off camera was, it backfiredGina and Emily wasted no time in bringing this side conversation to center stage. Of course, Nicole James was the very person Shannon had already been shit talking. Before she even got any airtime! As soon as Nicole made it to filming, she was basically attacked by Emily and Gina to give answers about the lawsuit. Heather did not find this very classy!

Heather not only spun out at Shannon, but she let Emily and Gina have it too. Shockingly, Heather remained loyal to her apparent friend Nicole through this entire debacle. Nicole actually admitted to previously suing Terry, but no one even cared. Talk about whiplash!


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After Heather established her dominance in all of this, Gina and Emily found themselves needing to apologize. Gina took the apology lunch as an opportunity to share more personal information with Heather. To justify the public call out of Nicole’s lawsuit, Gina claimed that she was merely trying to be direct after being the only one left out at party in her life. She explained that she once attended a cookout where everyone except her knew Matt Kirschenheiter was cheating with the hostess. Honestly, I don’t really see how this applies to an off-camera conversation between three people, but whatever.

In an interview with StyleCaster Heather admitted this personal divorce story did soften her to Gina. Heather shared, “When she told me the story about her ex-husband and being at that party, I completely understood how triggering being the only one not knowing a piece of information was.”

“I really liked that Gina wanted to meet up with me so quickly,” Heather added. “She had Emily reach out because she was scared, which I understood. We sat down. She immediately wanted to talk about it and I appreciated that. I thought it was incredibly adult. She took accountability for her part in it and didn’t qualify it or make excuses.” Well it looks like we have our new alliances straightened out!


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