Noella Bergener Claims Estranged Husband James Bergener Tried To Sue Bravo; Says He Has Blocked Her On Social Media

The brewing divorce between newest Real Housewives of Orange County star Noella Bergener and James Bergener is...a lot. Just days ago James posted three videos to his Instagram detailing all the weird ways he think’s he’s justified in spontaneously filing for divorce outside his state’s jurisdiction, cutting off finances to his wife and child, and then dragging the woman he chose to spend his life with through the mud. A bold choice, indeed. Whether she’s strong, delusional, something else, or a combination of it all, Noella for her part, isn’t having any of it.

Noella has not been shy to fight back against her estranged husbands claims against her. She’s taken to Instagram with lengthy posts herself. Rather than attack, however, she’s merely defended herself or shared actual documented facts about what’s going on between these two. Radar Online reported on one of Noella’s recent posts where she claims James actually tried to sue Bravo! So soon!?

“Four months ago my husband and I reached an agreement in mediation that was very generous to him and fair to me in regards to our son. Given he stated in his divorce filing that he lives in Puerto Rico and our son & I live in California he already gave me custody. Out of respect to him as a father I still wanted to give him 50% legal custody,” Noella wrote. She claims to have agreed to a $2 million payout in the divorce. A fair number based on their reported $8 million plane and $14 million vacation home they acquired during the marriage.


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Noella admits the pay out seems large, but insists, “you can’t buy a 4bd house with that in our neighborhood, I thought was more than fair.” She insists that James originally agreed to the deal but has since backed away. “He has refused to sign, threatened to sue the network, not seen our son, added illegal terms for me signing a retraction to Bravo, pushed forward with his fraudulent divorce in Puerto Rico, tortured me by withholding funds needed for our child,” she wrote. Basically, James is doing his best to tear down the well-being of Noella (and therefore his child she is caring for) as well as her current sources of income.

After the public call out/dragging of her soon-to-be-ex, it seems James has maybe had enough. Radar Onlineconfirmed that James blocked Noella just hours after she made her second call out post. That’s one less than he got in! This guy really doesn’t play fair, does he?


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