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Heather Gay And Whitney Rose Think Jennie Nguyen Gave Back Mary Cosby’s Gift Because Of Lisa Barlow; Heather Thinks Jennie Is Lisa’s “Minion”

Jennie Nguyen has surpassed expectations for being the newbie cast member on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and having the nerves to take on Mary Cosby point blank.  Certainly Mary’s racially insensitive comment about Jennie’s eyes may have had something to do with Jennie wanting to return the re-gifted shoes.  She needs some respect, not a pair of Louboutins.

Unsurprisingly, Jennie’s requests for an apology fell on Mary’s deaf ears.  And the rest of the cast seemed uninterested in the conversation, save Whitney Rose who pushed Mary to acknowledge her wrong-doing.  It seems the RHOSLC ladies had more of a reaction to Jennie returning Mary’s gift than to the offensive statement Mary made about the shape of Jennie’s eyes.

Whitney and Heather Gay appeared on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City After Show to share their thoughts about what prompted Jennie to return the coveted red-bottoms. When asked what her initial reaction was, Heather joked, “I thought, good god Jennie, you know not what you do.  Put the shoes away.”

Whitney, on the other hand, applauded Jennie’s conviction.  “See I was the exact opposite,” the Wild Rose founder said, “I was like, yes Jennie, yes!  Finally someone has the courage to stand up to Mary.” During the conversation, Jennie revealed that re-gifting is considered very offensive in Vietnamese culture.  That seems a plausible reason to reject Mary’s hand-me-downs, but Heather and Whitney think the decision was not Jennie’s alone.

Of course, Lisa Barlow comes up as the manipulator in the situation. She informed Jennie that Mary meant to gift the shoes to someone else.  But did she also pressure her bestie to give them back?  Heather and Whitney seem to think so. Heather asked her cousin, “Do you think that it was of Jennie’s will or do you think that Lisa had goaded her into doing that though?”


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Whitney responded, “if you would have asked me that back then, I would 100% say that it was Jennie’s will.  Fast forward to today, right now, months, later 50-50 on that one.” C’mon Whitney!  She’s always finding some invisible link between the goings-on within the cast and Lisa, surely it would have occurred to her in the moment.

Unsurprisingly, Heather agreed with her cousin.  “I’m 50-50 too,” she said, “I love Jennie but I think she’s very loyal to Lisa and Lisa likes her minions to do her dirty work.”

Backstage drama aside, the real winner here is Jen Shah, who happily made off with a great pair of shoes.


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