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Mary Cosby Claims Whitney Rose Is Racist And Assaulted Someone In A Club Bathroom; Whitney Says She “Won’t Respond To Baseless Accusations”

After spending most of Season One being filmed in her quirky closet, Mary Cosby is finally bringing the drama to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.  She’s not feuding with Jen Shah, or getting involved in between Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow.  Mary’s taking the social media route because frankly, her scenes are still quite dull.  RHOSLC has yet to give us Jen’s arrest and the accusations that Mary is functioning as a cult leader within her church, so she is left to film inside her quirky house instead.

Maybe just to stay relevant, Mary sounded off on her Instagram.  Her target was pole sport enthusiast Whitney Rose.  She’s another RHOSLC cast member that has managed to side-step the Jen drama, though according to the Season 2 trailer, Whitney jumps on the rumors that Mary runs a cult.

So it doesn’t seem that Whitney and Mary have any reason to be in communication off camera, except to take digs at each other on social media.  And last week, Mary certainly did.  In a series of seemingly deleted tweets, Mary labeled Whitney a “racist” and a “liar.” Realhousewivesfranchise captured the posts and shared them on their Instagram page.

These posts were a response to a recent interview Whitney did in which she revealed that she and Mary don’t speak.  The first one claimed, “She’s lying with a straight face she’s also very Racist! Take that one to Twitter Whitney talk truth about you lie and we have never been friends you simply don’t even understand friendships.”

Mary continued firing off grammatically starved Tweets.  The second one read, “Whitney Rose…Needs to worry about on the woman’ she took advantage of in the lady’s restroom one night at a club!  Talk about your truth’ you liar.  Your lying and you know it!”

“This girl is so hungry how dare you speak on me we are not friends and never will be,” Mary continued, “I don’t even know what this is..She’s so fake!  I can’t!”


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The Tweets continued in the same manner.  Each more irate than the previous, however there is no proof of any of these accusations.  Mary continued, “you are such a liar!  Whitney Rose’  You know you don’t talk to me! With your bobble head!  Humble yourself!”  ”

Mary then accused Whitney of being fake to the entire cast.  She said, “Whitney Rose’ I didn’t know you would flat out lie!  Your a disturbing to me!  You just lie on me.  You know we don’t talk what do I have to talk to you about your not a friend to no one!  Especially me!”

The next tweet suggested that Whitney is easily manipulated by others, specifically RHOSLC producers.  “Whitney Rose is the Biggest liar,” Mary raged, “everything she does she is told to do!  You need to stop lying on me because your being the most the season with your pole dancing mentality’ you & I will never be friends why would I talk to a fake Whitney.”

It’s interesting because the two seemed on decent terms during Season One.  So what happened between them?  Well, Mary again suggests outside influences are to blame.  She wrote, “Whitney Rose you are the biggest liar who put you into this?  We know everything you do you are told!  No we don’t talk your fake so fake I can’t even!  Real people will see straight through you!  Leave me alone you don’t want to get me started!  I can promise you that liar.”


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Whitney is not the only cast mate that was accused of racism.  Jen labeled Whitney’s cousin Heather Gay a racist, though it seemed an unsubstantiated claim.  Mary herself drew some heat last season for allegedly saying that she avoids convenience stores when minorities are present outside.  Now, Mary came after the Wild Rose founder in a similar way.  “Whitney Rose is being so hungry with her lying self.. she knows she is not that girl that puts a fire out she can’t put her own fire out,” Mary concluded, “yes she’s racist I said it racist!  Like her cousin.. she’s talking like she knows me.. she has no backbone she’s not real so fake!  I can’t!”

Whitney’s reaction to these baseless claims is one most of us may share.  She tweeted, “I don’t respond to crazy or baseless accusations. May we all try a little harder to lead with love.”


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