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Kanye West’s New Flame Julia Fox Recently Described Herself As A “Die-Hard OG” Fan Of The Kardashian Family; Julia Says She Wanted Kardashians “To Be [Her] Family”

It feels like every day we wake up to a new twist in the Kardashian family story. You’d think after nearly two decades of following this family that there would be a slow news day, but they’re few and far between. As the family prepares to debut Keeping Up With The Kardashians 2.0 on Hulu, Kris Jenner has been building hype with plenty of publicized family drama. The central story currently is the ongoing divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who legally changed his name to Ye.

One day Kimye are splitting their assets and the next, Ye is begging for Kim to take him back. I think it’s fair to say the two are amicable at best. Hopefully that’s true, considering Kanye just bought a house across the street from his ex. To make things more confusing, both Kim and Kanye have been spotted in new relationships. Kim seems to be pretty serious with SNL star Pete Davidson. (That sentence will never feel normal to write). Meanwhile, Kanye has taken Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox on a handful of dates and is already trying to make her his next Kim Doll. I have whiplash trying to keep up.

Now take a breath, because I’m really about to make your head spin. Julia has a podcast called “Forbidden Fruits” that released an episode in mid-December. Julia announced that she met Ye on New Year’s Eve, so it was prior to the start of their fling. In the episode, Julia talks about not only Kimye’s demise but her love of the Kardashian family, Page Six reports. Oy vey.


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Julia first brings up the family by asking her co-host, “Can we talk about the Kim and Kanye divorce? Wait, can we talk about Kim and Pete Davidson though?” Awkward. Later on, Julia says that she’s going to miss watching KUWTK after the show ended its historic run. “I have been watching Keeping Up since it first came out in 2007, when watching it was embarrassing,” Julia admitted. Girl I’m SCREAMING. I’m gonna need a follow-up episode for her to share her opinions about the world’s most famous family these days.

In the podcast, Julia even calls herself a “die-hard OG” fan of the Kardashians. Just wait, it gets more embarrassing somehow. “I wanted them to be my family. You feel like you know them,” Julia said. “it’s like you are happy for them when something good happens to them.” So what DOES she feel about the Kimye split? Was she shipping Kim and Kanye long before her rendezvous with the rapper? Will she watch the family’s new show on Hulu?? I have 10,000 other questions, and Julia and Ye’s relationship already had me confused enough.


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