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Joe Giudice Would Go To Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas’ Wedding If He Gets Invited

Teresa Giudice has a way with men! After the dissolution of her 20 year marriage to Joe “Juicy” Giudice, she wasted no time moving on. After a nearly year long courtship, the Real Housewives  of New Jersey star is now happily engaged to Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

He even gifted her a new car for the holidays and wrote her daily love notes that she showed off on her stint on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Some call it “lovebombing” and fans were quick to warn Teresa that Louie has a checkered past. But Teresa defended her man and told haters, “I say like, ‘Please mind your business.’ You should want someone to be happy, because if you want someone else to be happy, then happiness comes to you. I’m about that. I’m not about ever hurting someone or tearing them down or anything like that.”

But Teresa isn’t going to let the negativity stop her from wedding planning. And those plans might even include her ex, Juicy. Joe recently spoke with Access and it seems like things are pretty harmonious between the ex couple. Said Joe, “I mean Louie is a good guy. He seems like a good guy. I got nothing against Louie. I met him. He is a nice guy.” I think it’s important to remember that Joe is a man of few words.

As for Teresa and Louie’s relationship, he revealed, “They are happy, you know what I mean? And that’s all that matters. I don’t expect her to be alone, who wants to be alone?” And if he was invited to their wedding? Joe replied, “Would I go to the wedding? I don’t care, why not.” That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of excitement, but with Juicy, I think we will take what we can get.


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For his part, Joe has supported the couple for some time now. Despite initially stating that he though they “moved a bit quick into this romance,” Joe has since come around.

Teresa said of the relationship between Joe and Louie, “They like each other…We went to the Bahamas and we went to go see Joe, and Louie DM’ed Joe behind my back. I didn’t even know. He’s like, ‘We’re coming out there. I would like for us to all have dinner.’ We went out to the Bahamas because Joe is living six months in the Bahamas and six months in Italy, so we had dinner with him and it went really well. Joe thinks Louie’s a great guy.”


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