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Frank Catania Says Dolores Catania’s Ex David Principe “Sucks As A Boyfriend”; Frank Still Hangs With David

Dolores Catania is well loved on Real Housewives of New Jersey. As a housewife and friend, she’s faithful and loyal to a fault. Maybe a little too much. Castmates and fans were not too thrilled with her longterm relationship with David Principe. Dolores tried to deny it, but eventually it just became glaringly obvious that she wanted more than he could give. David’s time was up and Dolores was free to move on, with the support of everyone around her.

And no one supports Dolores more than her ex-husband, Frank Catania. Frank, who is a staple on the show, despite being divorced from Dolores for many years now, has stayed by her side through thick and thin. Which I think most of us don’t totally understand but it seems to work for them. So who are we to judge? It’s actually pretty cute.

Now Frank is opening up about Dolores’ split from David and her hot new romance with Paul Connell. As reported by Reality Blurb, Frank recently appeared on an episode of the podcast Side Piece to discuss. As for the breakup details between Dolores and David, Frank said, “I don’t know what the final deal was. I always say David is the most incredible doctor you will ever… he’s the most caring doctor… he’s excellent at his job; he sucks as a boyfriend and I’ll tell him to his face. I tell him all the time.”


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He continued, “I think it got to a point where Dolores said ‘I’m okay with it but give me a four-day weekend here or there…’ and next thing you know he had to cancel, and then they just started drifting apart.” But that doesn’t mean that Frank and David parted ways. Frank revealed, “David’s still one of my best friends. Me and him just went to dinner the other night.”

As for Dolores’ new man Paul, Frank admits that he doesn’t know much about her new man. Said Frank, “I haven’t hung out with [Paul] enough to make a decision, but I gotta be honest with you. Dolores seems happy. He’s a nice guy. He’s very well to do. He’s a nice guy — makes her happy.”  He added, “Listen, Paul’s an alpha guy, Paul’s a strong guy, okay? I just hope he can deal with Dolores and I’s relationship.”

Frank concluded, “I hope to spend more time with him, with Dolores, because that’s usually what breaks the ice. The more time you spend with Dolores and I when we’re together, you see the relationship.”


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