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Dolores Catania Reportedly Has A New Man

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania has several loves in her life, besides her family. She loves to do charitable work. In April of 2021, Dolores worked with organizations to donate medical supplies, food, and shoes to front-line workers at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey amid the start of the pandemic. Last season on RHONJ, Dolores received the Ambassador of Hope award for promoting mammogram awareness. Dolores has such a kind heart.

Dolores has always been open about her love of a cosmetic procedures. Last season, Dolores’ boyfriend, Dr. David Principe, was angry when she had lipo and a tummy tuck during the coronavirus pandemic. It seems that Dolores told David the night before the procedure that she was having it. She doesn’t have to notify David if she wants to have a procedure.

Let’s review. During the Season 10 reunion, Dolores explained that she wasn’t moving in with David because he did not give her a commitment. So, she helped design her boyfriend’s house but doesn’t live in it. In fact, Dolores was still living with her ex-husband, Frank Catania. At this point I feel like Frank and Dolores are a package deal.

Dolores told her mother that David doesn’t make time for her and refuses to discuss their relationship. I believe that Dolores enjoys her freedom, but doesn’t enjoy feeling like an afterthought.


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During Season 11 of RHONJ, David gifted Dolores a Porsche. The entire cast gossiped behind her back about how David gave her the car because he was stalling on giving her a ring. That’s all it took for Paterson Dolores to make an appearance and tell the group off before storming out.

Meanwhile, Dolores’ ex-husband, Frank, had her back. A psychic predicted that David wasn’t Dolores’ soul mate. “I – Hey, listen you know what, I’m Dolores’s soulmate,” Frank commented. He added, “Even though we’re not romantically involved, I’m still her soulmate.” That is so sweet!

Now it looks like Dolores has moved on with a new man. The bravohousewives Instagram account posted the headline, “Dolores Catania has a new boyfriend after breakup with David.” Underneath a photo of Dolores and David was a photo of a man at the beach with text reading “@paul g connell.” It looks like he also goes by the name Paulie Connell.


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Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Dolores has posted photos of Paul in her Instagram Story. Hopefully we will get some more information about this possible romance soon.


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