Married At First Sight Recap: – Bean Town Wedding Throw Down

All of the Married At First Sight couples are finally married! Now we can move on to the real drama. Everyone knows that it is the honeymoon when things start to get interesting. But on this week’s episode, that isn’t necessarily true. For one couple, the drama starts early when a bride decides she doesn’t like her stranger spouse.

The four remaining singles become legally bound in marriage. The receptions kick into high gear as the couples get to know their spouses’ family and friends. I think some of the participants should have watched their well-meaning friends a little closer. There were definitely moments where things were said that did more harm than good.  Let’s get straight into the recap!

Noi and Steve

Finally Steve and Noi meet at the altar. This is one of the weddings I was looking forward to and it didn’t disappoint. I literally almost cried during the vows, they were so heartfelt. During a post interview, Steve and Noi both gush over how much they like one another, so far. I am routing for these two, not only are they adorable but they seem genuine as well.

Noi decides to bring incorporate her culture into her wedding day. She presents Steve with some traditional garb and officially welcomes him into her family. I love it! I don’t know why, but there is something about them that gives me a little bit of hope. During the reception, Noi inquires about what Steve does for a living. He explains he was laid off and then took time off for a cross country trip. Although she is surprised, she feels believes his situation is just temporary. I am glad this situation came up early and Steve had the opportunity to face it head on. His approach was confident and he didn’t seem worried, which I believe helped to ease her concerns.

Alyssa and Chris

Alyssa and Chris are the final Married At First Sight couple to tie the knot. I don’t know if it is the wait or that Alyssa reminds me of a Jersey Shore cast member, but I don’t have a good feeling about this. The experts claim they were matched because they are both direct and have qualities to help each other. Depending on the person, being direct could be a good or a bad thing. Chris is all smiles when he sees his stranger spouse walk down the aisle.

After the wedding, things seem to be going okay until Chris mentions he is VP of the disc golf association. Nothing says sexy, like a disc golf executive. Umm… maybe keep that little gem to yourself, until she finds out more about you. Things get even more awkward when Alyssa decides to direct their wedding pictures instead of listening to the photographer.  This is not a woman who is afraid to give her opinion. During the reception, she isn’t comfortable kissing her new husband to appease their guests. She even alludes to being unsure of how long she will be married to him. Well, that didn’t take long for the red flags to start to appear.

At the reception, Chris speaks with Alyssa’s mother and friends who give him more of an idea of who he just married. They give him some sage advice about her mood swings. Alyssa speaks with Chris’ groomsmen who explain a little more about her new husband’s personality. It appears he may not be as sweet as he seems. According to them, he can be long winded and condescending at times.

Well I was right. Shortly after the reception, Alyssa decides she hates her husband. She locks herself in the bathroom and tells producers that he is not the type of guy she wanted. Sigh! Did she forget what show she is on? It is rare that the experts deliver what someone specifically requested.  Apparently, what Chris’ friends said really bothers her all of sudden. Honestly, I think she was nervous about her first night alone with a man she barely knows and freaked out. Either way, I don’t think it was fair for her to leave Chris in the dark about issue, on the night of their wedding.

Katina and Olajuwon

Olajuwon and Katina are excited to embark on their new journey into marital bliss. They are enjoying getting to know one another while taking their wedding photos. During the reception things continue to progress as they become more and more comfortable. Later, he decides to grill his wife on her cooking skills. Little does she know he is asking because he expects her to cook him a meal every night.  SMH… I think they may need to learn how to cook together.

Katina gets some very valuable from Olajuwon’s groomsmen. They don’t pull any punches and let her know she has to be patient with him. They even warn her that he may try to mold her into the person that he wants. I am shocked that they were so honest right away. Personally, that would have turned me off. But she takes their suggestions in stride.  Meanwhile, he sits with Katina’s mom and almost talks her to death. But all in all, things are seemingly going well. On a side note, is it just me, or did Olajuwon have stains on the back of his boxers when he jumped on the bed at the hotel? I don’t know if producers told him or he realized, but he put on some basketball shorts for bed. Whew!  Not a good sign when a man has on stained underwear on one of the most important nights of his life. Insert side eye here.

Jasmina and Michael

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Jasmina and Michael, but they are getting along really well at their wedding reception. But, when he explains his work schedule she is visibly disappointed. Later, she speaks with his sisters who give her more insight into their family. They even give her a breast cancer pin they all are wearing to honor their late mother. Meanwhile, Michael speaks with his wife’s parents and seeks some advice for their marriage.



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