Celebrity Big Brother 3: Finale Recap – A Winner Is Crowned

Wednesday night’s Season Finale of Celebrity Big Brother was quick, to-the-point and without many surprises. After 30 days in the Big Brother house, as the episode started we were done to just three celebrities left in the game: Miesha Tate, Cynthia Bailey and Todrick Hall, and there was little chance that it wasn’t going to go exactly the way that most fans thought it would.

By the end of the episode, it was MMA champion, Miesha “Cupcake” Tate, who was crowned the winner of Big Brother 3 over runner-up Todrick. The power duo of Miesha and Todrick dominated the game with Miesha acting as a competition beast (she would ultimately win four HOH comps, including the final one, as well as a POV comp to boot). Todrick on the other hand was a social phenom, a super-fan who used his knowledge of the game to further himself and Miesha and position them perfectly. Cynthia really didn’t stand a chance, and after Miesha won that last HOH, Cynthia was sent out the front door becoming the eighth and final member of the jury.

As it played out, Miesha‘s competition domination couldn’t be denied. In winning her way deep into the game, she afforded the ability to be a straight-shooter with many of her victims, and this earned her respect with the jury. Todrick on the other hand, took most of the blame and had lots of blood on him, some of it from self-inflicted wounds (celebrating after Shanna Moakler was evicted and evoking the name of Chris Kirkpatrick‘s son during an argument are not moves that are going to win jury votes). Todrick also was negatively impacted just by the mere structure of the Celebrity version of the show versus the regular version, in that for the regular version of the show, the jury is sequestered until Finale night. On Celebrity Big Brother, the ousted contestants go back out into the real world, and get to watch the episodes themselves and also check the opinions of America on social media…neither were a positive for Todrick’s chances.

Miesha ultimately earned seven of the eight jury votes cast (only Cynthia voted for Todrick, ironically the only one that didn’t get to watch the episodes since she was freshly voted out). There was real bitterness with some of the jurors, especially Todd Bridges who couldn’t contain himself from rolling his eyes and shifting around uncomfortably every time Todrick spoke. Kirkpatrick had a zing that gave him the last laugh over Todrick, when he cast his vote for Miesha and added, “My son would want it no other way.” This of course, referencing back to the conversation he had with Todrick where Todrick implied that Chris’s son would not be proud of the game his dad had played.

We never got to find out who America would have selected to win the game between Todrick and Miesha had they ended in a tie, but we did learn that Carson Kressley was America’s Favorite Houseguest. He won the fan vote and $25,000 prize, with Lamar Odom and Shanna rounding out the top three in vote-getters. Chris Kattan was invited back for the Finale (not sure exactly why, as he wasn’t allowed to cast a jury vote since he quit the show), and there were more than a few cold shoulders given to Todrick during the usual on-stage hugging and congratulations fest that goes on once the winner is announced and the confetti flies.

It was clear early on that Miesha was becoming the biggest threat, but with Todrick by her side she was just an unstoppable force. She is ultimately a very deserving winner and while there were no late-game upsets or massive shocks, it’s sometimes good to just see a good person put in the effort, finish the job and come out victorious. Every season seems to have a Todrick, that one player that plays a bit too hard where he might very well “deserve” to win, but just doesn’t earn the votes at the end. As I always mention in my Survivor coverage, the goal of the game is not simply to get to the end…the name of the game is getting to the end AND getting the people that you voted out to give you prize money. Both need to happen, or you didn’t do it right, and Todrick is the latest to fall into that category.

Speaking of Survivor, I hope you join me for my coverage and recaps when the new season begins on March 9th!

That will do it for our coverage of Celebrity Big Brother 3…congrats to Miesha and to Carson for winning the fan-favorite vote!

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