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Love Is Blind Star Kyle Abrams Says He’s “Not Friends” With Ex Shaina Hurley

Of all the prospect couples from Love Is Blind, not many were surprised to see Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley break it off post pods. Given how the relationship played out on the Netflix show, it’s also not surprising the two reportedly aren’t the best of friends since their season 2 split.

Unlike their engaged cast counterparts who are no longer together, but had nothing but nice things to say about each other, Us Weekly reports that Kyle and Shaina are not doing as well in the friendship category. According to Kyle, they have not spoken since the breakup.

Although the couple got engaged on the show, the relationship quickly disintegrated once the pod portion of the experiment ended. The religious differences proved too much for the two with Shaina being a devout Christian, and Kyle an atheist.

“We don’t really talk.” Kyle revealed, shaking his head, “We don’t communicate, There’s nothing left. I mean, we’re not friends or anything. She doesn’t come out much. That ship has sailed.”

With regards to their religious differences, Kyle explained his rationale at the time, “I thought I was giving in a lot. Those are things that [with] normal dating, I would’ve written her off right away, the first time I gave in. So I thought maybe she would – she should – too. I thought it was a mutual thing, but I guess not.”


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Shaina ended up leaving the engagement-moon Mexico trip early, but once the couple were back in the United States, they decided to give it another chance.

“I didn’t wanna quit.” He explained, “I wanted to give everything I had. I didn’t want any regrets of just ending it to end it. And plus, I was following through with the process, you know, that’s kind of what they told us in the beginning – ‘Don’t quit too early, use your allotted time, you have this time to figure it all out.’ And I did everything I could do.”

Shaina, divulged that she gave Kyle, “another shot, because, I didn’t know if I was just in my head too much.” Being family oriented she also made the case that she wanted to see Kyle with her family before making a final decision.

“What made me leave Mexico and, like, give him another shot was I needed to see him interact with my family,” she explained. “I’m very close with my family and I knew that they know what’s best for me at the end of the day. And so when I saw them interact and, like, what my parents’ reaction was, it kind of sealed the deal for me. I didn’t wanna make any mistakes.”


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Let’s also not forget that Shaina had ‘what if’ feelings for Shayne Jansen nagging in the back of her mind since the pods. After accepting Kyle’s marriage proposal, she confessed to Shayne to having deep feelings for him, putting him in a predicament, as he had already invested into his relationship with fellow contestant Natalie Lee.

To be honest, we were already concerned when she wouldn’t put the ring on right after saying yes and proceeded to give a tearful interview, seemingly full of regret. Not your average reaction to just getting engaged. Poor Kyle!

It seems Shaina could still be harboring some remnants of those feelings of ending up with the wrong person on the show. When asked if she regretted how much time she put into Kyle on the pods, and if she thinks things could have ended up differently if She were with Shayne, She explained, “It’s so hard to say. It took me a while to open up in the pods. It took me longer than I thought, I think everything happens for a reason. It was organic [with Shayne], I guess, you could say, It’s kind of would have, should have, could have… everything happens for a reason.”


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She added “There’s some regrets. I just wish I was a little bit more forthright from the beginning [and] kind of prepared myself more, but can you prepare yourself? Besides that, no, it was an amazing experience.”  We need Natalie’s take on this stat-  the reunion with (fingers crossed), Shaina, Shayne and Natalie in a room together can’t come soon enough.


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