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Love Is Blind Creator Says Someone Else Proposed To Natalie Lee In The Pods

I had exceptionally low hopes for Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen on season 2 of Love is Blind. I was so distracted trying to figure out why everyone thought he was hawt, I totally missed his shining personality. At least to Natalie’s face. I guess if she’s fine with him keeping his pod-connection turned bon-fire friend to himself, they’ll be set! Congrats!

Shayne connected early in the pods with Shaina Hurley. A quaint fact he chose to keep from his fiancé, Natalie. I’m not totally sure about pod-dating etiquette, but it seems like a weird thing to hide…? In the end, I just want Natalie happy. Apparently our girl has options too.

The creator of Love Is Blind, Chris Coelenrecently let know that Shayne wasn’t the only one with another pod connection. Apparently Natalie had been proposed to before Shayne god down on one knee! (These really should be 20 episode seasons.)

‘There were people who you see on the show who were really significantly interested in other people. There was another guy who – very, very early on – was really interested in Natalie and basically proposed to her. It was very out of the blue but he just felt like he knew,” the show’s creator revealed. He added that Natalie just found the whole thing “weird.”


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The creator explained that Natalie said no to the other man’s proposal, he left his pod, and that was that. He said, “She didn’t have any deep feelings for him but he had developed very significant feelings for her.” Awkward!

The shows creator spoke about having to cut this kind of content from the Netflix episodes. He shared, “You only have so much bandwidth within a show and I think it’s a fascinating story, but because we’re focused on more of her story… I think for her it was less significant.”

“He had serious feelings for her, she was like, ‘No, I’m not interested in this guy.’ To tell that story properly would have taken up a lot of time that we didn’t have,” Chris Coelen continued. It’s a shame we have to miss the cringe.


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