Selling Sunset Star Emma Hernan Owns A Home With Ex-Fiancé Peter Cornell

Here’s another one to add to the ‘Things That Make You Go Hmmmm’ file. Remember that ex of Christine Quinn‘s that was also an ex of both Emma Hernan and Heather Rae Young El Moussa? The one who everyone on Season 4 of Selling Sunset was talking about. All. The. Time.

The ex, who we now know is Peter Cornell, was pretty much the topic of every cast dinner we saw. Emma brought him up during a dinner at Jason Oppenheim‘s home. Amanza Smith and Vanessa Villela brought him up while snacking at Christine‘s house. Heck, the ladies were still talking about it at the season wrap party.

Even with all this talk, we still don’t know much about what really happened way back when. If you ask Christine, she and a friend caught Peter cheating on her with Emma, and politely asked him what was going on. If you ask Emma, she and Peter started dating waaaaay after he had broken up with Christine. And there was no polite interaction. No ma’am. Christine blocked in their car, was screaming and yelling, and attacking the car. Knowing Christine’s love of villainy, I’m inclined to believe Emma on this one.


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According to Emma, she and Peter were together for a long time. And so much so that he proposed for the first and only time in his life. At least unless you ask Christine. Whom he totally proposed to first.  All I really want to know is where does Heather fit in to this timeline.

This is all fine and dandy, but according to Page Six, the tea doesn’t stop here. Apparently, Emma and Peter bought a home together. One which they still own. Pile that on to all the rumors that they’ve been seen all over town dining together, and methinks someone might be appearing on Season 6 & 7. Considering Peter works in the same Oppenheim office as Christine, Emma, and Heather, things just got interesting.

While Christine and Heather are happily married (to Christian Richard and Tarek El Moussa, respectively), Emma‘s single and ready to mingle. According to a source, “Emma is single and loving it, and really busy with her business. Season 5 of the show is coming out [soon]. It’s a really busy time for her.” That may be true, it doesn’t explain why the exes would still share a home.


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While I can believe “they have kept the property as it’s a good investment,” that’s not typically how engagement break-ups work. Regardless of the fact that, “[Emma and Peter] continue to be good friends and do business together. Emma owns several properties with other individuals.” Owning property with a business partner is one thing. Owning property with an ex, is something entirely different.

Where’s Mary Fitzgerald? She was living with Christine when all this went down and knows Peter. Perhaps she can shed some light into what’s really going doing. And hopefully soon. I don’t want to have to wait until next season rolls around.


[Photo Credit: Tommaso Boddi/WireImage]