Real Housewives Star Julia Lemigova Says Larsa Pippen Has “Condescending Attitudes”

Looks like Larsa Pippen is enemy number one when it comes to the cast of Real Housewives of Miami. While she was just trying to control the storyline that she was getting divorced, the rest of the cast wasn’t having it. Right out of the gate, the ladies had lots to say about Larsa’s OnlyFans account. Which popped up later when Marysol Patton told Larsa that Dr. Nicole Martin called her a “prostitute.” Larsa fired back in the lowest of ways, telling Nicole that she wouldn’t have a child “out of wedlock” but she doesn’t judge her for it. Which sounds a lot like judgement.

But what really dominated Larsa’s season was Adriana de Moura coming for her every.single.episode. At least it felt that way. I am no Larsa stan, but Adriana’s fan behavior really wore thin by the end of the season. Her issue with Larsa revolved around the accusation that Larsa came back from L.A. acting like she was better than everyone else. And she totally did. Unfortunately for Adriana, she could never fully get the rest of the cast on board with the narrative. But Adriana does have one person in her corner – bestie Julia Lemigova.

As reported by Hollywood Life, Julia appeared on their podcast, Pay Attention, Put-Lease! to dish her feelings on Larsa. Julia, who is currently married to tennis legend Martina Navratilova, has several children from past relationships. Outside of marriage. So she took issue with Larsa’s “condescending attitudes” towards that and other topics. Julia admits that it caused her to keep her distance from Larsa. She explained, “On my end, I felt I tried but you’re not going to judge people on how they think. It’s up to them, I’m just doing my part.”

Julia added, “It was just not clicking very well for her and I disagreed with her comments and the way she was very rude to Adriana. I defend my friend always. And then she was telling me that I was biased that I defend Adriana blindly, which was not true. So we were just not on the same page all all.”


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Another point of contention with Julia was when Larsa bragged about having a good “resume” because she was married to NBA legend Scottie Pippen. The couple had been married for 20 years by the time they finalized their divorce this year. Julia asked, “Is that what defines a human being, a resume, because you’ve been married to the same person? It’s just what she’s saying and how she’s acting doesn’t correspond. I had to say what I had to say. I said my peace and then I stepped back. I have nothing against Larsa but I’m just taking my time.”

But Julia fully admits that she “doesn’t hold grudges” so maybe the door isn’t closed on a friendship with Larsa. Said Julia, “Life is like a wave, it comes in waves, it never stays the same, that’s the beauty of it. I’m not that stubborn person. It just literally depends on how things organically evolve.”

Julia concluded, “She hasn’t done anything horrible to me for me to say, ‘I’m erasing you out of my life.’ It’s not that. Just for now, I’m taking a step back and I’m glad I said my peace. We’ll see what’s gonna happen out of it.”


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