Bravo Premiering New Series Love Match Atlanta About High-End Matchmaking Business

At this point, Bravo has totally perfected the Real Housewives formula. The producers are always making tweaks and alterations to keep fans interested season after season, but they’re pros. Bravo has really mastered quite a few reality TV formulas over the years. Top Chef continues to be one of the most interesting food competition shows on TV, same with Project Runway in the fashion realm. Now, the network is having its hand at a new kind of dating show, fueled by the same petty drama that makes shows in the Bravo/Peacock universe go great.

According to E! Online, Bravo is gearing up to release a show following some of Atlanta’s most successful matchmakers. The show is called Love Match Atlanta and will be premiering on May 8. It will follow five real-life cupids based in the ATL. Maybe they can help Real Housewives of Atlanta stars like Kenya Moore find Mr. Right, for once. 

First, we have Shae Primus, the CEO of Middle-Class Matchmaker. Shae is all about the psychology of love, so she ensures that her clients are mentally strong before finding them a perfect match. She’s a newly single mom who always keeps it real, which will seemingly create some major frenemy dynamics on the show.

The series will also follow Matchmaking Duo owners Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore. This duo knows what it takes to be a top boss, and their company is one of the most sought-after services in the U.S. They spend months essentially making over their clients before finding them their perfect match.

Finally, we have Ming Clark, owner of Color Blind International, and Joseph Dixon, the CEO of Ming actually met her husband because he was one of her matchmaking clients. She has a major focus on interracial dating and helping clients step out of their comfort zones in order to find love. Joseph launched his own dating app in 2013, which is where he met his girlfriend who is also now his business partner.

Love Match Atlanta will provide an interesting look into the world of modern-day matchmaking, especially in such a unique city. The trailer for the show makes it a point to note that there are more women than men in Atlanta, which adds even more complexity to the dating scene. I, for one, am excited to have another Bravo show to add to my roster.