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Shahs Of Sunset Star Mike Shouhed Arrested For Domestic Violence And Charged With A Felony

Mike Shouhed has had nonstop relationship problems which were prominently featured on Shahs of Sunset over the years. After years of being a playboy, he married longtime girlfriend, Jessica Parido. Jessica was all in and even converted to Judaism for Mike. But Mike was busted cheating multiple times and Jessica had enough. The marriage lasted only eight short months.

Mike moved on to Paulina Ben-Cohen, a divorced mother of three. Last season on Shahs, Mike’s storyline revolved around his alleged sexting while with Paulina. In true Mike fashion, he denied, denied, denied. His castmates weren’t buying it, but he maintained that his iPhone was hacked. Ultimately, he came clean and admitted that he was in fact, sexting another woman. And this whole time, Paulina knew but was covering for him. But the couple mended their relationship, moved in together and allegedly got engaged last year. Now, in a shocking turn of events, Mike has found himself in some serious trouble with the law.


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As reported by E! News, Mike was arrested on and booked on a felony charge, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s booking records. Mike was held for a few hours and paid his $50K bond, allowing him to be released. His court date for the charge is set for July 25th. Mike’s attorney quickly addressed the issue in a statement, “At this time, the only comment I can make with confidence is my client in no way committed any act of domestic violence and the truth will prevail.” There is no confirmation that the incident involved Paulina.

Mike previously spoke of the couple’s cheating/sexting scandal back in May of 2021. He explained, “It was a dark time. We were going through COVID, being on lockdown, and I let the anxiousness of going through that and just being bored allow me to do things I shouldn’t have done.”


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Mike revealed, “Looking back, I feel really stupid for allowing myself to engage in that conversation, even though those text messages were for a few hours and one day that those messages happened, reliving it now feels like…like it was going on for a long period of time. It just hurt her, it hurt me, it was a learning experience and I realize that I shouldn’t do that. I’m glad we got past it and are in a much better place now.”

But did they? While Mike deactivated his Instagram account, Paulina kept hers active. She last shared a picture of them together on Valentine’s Day of this year. The post read, “My forever Valentine.” A month later (and a little less than a week before Mike was arrested), she shared another photo. This one was by herself at a phone booth and captioned, “waiting for your call…” When a user questioned if she was referring to her or Mike, she cryptically responded, “both.”


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]