Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Mike Shouhed Paulina

Mike Shouhed And Paulina Ben-Cohen Move In Together Despite Sexting Scandal On Shahs Of Sunset

Did you have a bad 2020? Did the Corona get you down in the dumps? Did the pressure of not being able to leave your home force you to… begin salaciously texting with someone who wasn’t your partner? Shahs of Sunset star, Mike Shouhed recently admitted falling victim to his dool a “dark time” during the pandemic. Naturally, it’s all going down on the 9th season of the show.

The genuine relationships documented on Shahs of Sunset afford the ability to execute drama that feels less contrived than say, a same-sex affair that may or may not have happened. Mike has definitely contributed his fair share of drama. His playboy ways only act to malign any hopes of maintaining a healthy, romantic relationship. After divorcing Jessica Parido due to his infidelity, Mike found love again with Paulina Ben-Cohen. Now Paulina and Mike are taking the next step in their relationship, living together. Oh, Paulina.

I think everyone can relate to looking back on their lives and tsk tsking about making bad decisions. All of us have regrets and wish we could have done certain things differently. With that – PAULINA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, HONEY READ THE ROOM. Since Paulina first made an appearance on Shahs of Sunset, fans wondered if she would stick around. She appears to be level-headed, has two lovely kids, and is coming out of a marriage to a very rich man.

Mike and Paulina started hanging out and it seemed they were destined to be together. Mike called her his “dream girl” and began a relationship with her children as well. As Mike spent money on businesses doomed to fail, Paulina hung in there while Mike’s parents hid thinly-veiled looks of disgust. The couple have reached the 2-year mark and Paulina’s divorce has come to a close. The lovers have decided to pull the trigger and… move in together.


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It sounds great on paper, too bad about the recent cheating incident. And by that I mean, the recent cheating incident that was found out about. Is this a step in the right direction for Paulina, or a step straight into future therapy? According to E! News, Mike and Jessica Paulina are shacking up. He said, “Paulina’s divorce is finally finalized so we’re actually going to be moving into our new home this week that we bought in one of the suburbs in L.A.,” Hope she has that place rigged with nanny cams.

Mike added, “We couldn’t be more happy to start our lives together and hopefully build a family outside of the one that I already have with her…Meaning adding to the family.” Nothing warms my heart more than having children involved with someone who literally just lied to his partner, his friends, and every single one of the Bravo viewers who knew his hacking story was crap. Mike also shared, “We’ve discussed moving forward in our relationship, hopefully getting engaged, getting married, having children, adding to the beautiful family we already have.”


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A house. In the suburbs. With Paulina’s two sons. What’s the over/under in Vegas for how long this will last? Perhaps Mike will surprise all of us and get a job settle into family life. Or maybe we’re about to watch a replay of what happened with Jessica, except kids are now in the picture. Hopefully Paulina has a lot of puzzles and games around to keep Mike entertained, because we all know what happens when his texting fingers get itchy.


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