Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Former Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Braunwyn Windham-Burke Says She Has Sex 10 Times A Day

Braunwyn Windham-Burke has made a lot of changes in her life since she joined Real Housewives of Orange County. She joined the cast for season 14 and was known primarily as a wife and mother of 7. At the time, all she really had going on was her desire to write a book. And making out with costar Tamra Judge, much to Vicki Gunvalson’s dismay. She was asked back for season 15 and to the shock of many, she admitted she was an alcoholic in the premiere episode.

After a particularly bumpy season with her castmates, Braunwyn found herself on the outs with everyone. And that included Bravo. She wasn’t asked back to the show. But she had more important things on her mind. Braunwyn came out as a lesbian and said she never was into men. Which was likely also a surprise to many given her 20+ year marriage to husband Sean Burke. Not to mention, their vow renewal was featured on the show. Yeah, we know it’s the kiss of death and all but once Braunwyn came out, the couple announced they have no intention of getting divorced.

Since her coming out, Braunwyn has moved to New York, but still splits her time between NYC and Orange County. Sean and her children are still living there. Braunwyn has also found happiness with girlfriend Victoria Brito and is all too happy to share just how happy she is. Specifically, in the bedroom. Braunwyn recently spoke with The Sun and gushed, “I have a beautiful relationship. I met her in New York and she feels like home to me. There’s no other way to describe it.”


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She then divulged details about their sex life. Braunwyn continued, “I get red when I talk about it, you know, it’s spicy, it’s good, she’s got skills. The physical part of it is amazing. I’m not gonna to lie, the sex is next level.” She dished, “I had a 15 minute orgasm, 15 minutes! I didn’t know that could happen. And my sex life with Sean was great. He had skills, he was good at what he did. She gives it to me in little doses. She’s like, ‘If I did it all at once, you might die.’ We have sex 10 times a day. That’s not normal.” I would agree that it’s not normal. Who has time for that!? If you do, please tell me below in the comments!

Braunwyn went on to say that she feels like a “teenage boy” and the couple rarely leave the bedroom when together. Aside from her sex life, Braunwyn talked about how much sweeter life is once she got sober and came out. She confessed that it allows her to be her “authentic self.”


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And lucky for Braunwyn, Sean is supportive of their open marriage, even if it has been tough to figure out the details. She explained, “That’s a beautiful thing to have done, and our marriage is good. It’s definitely been hard, cohabitating, nesting. We’ve had to find our footing. We’ve had to take long separations from each other to figure out where we’re going.”

She went on about her marriage, “But I think we’ve found a good rhythm right now. I think we’ve found something that works and you know, today everything is good. Obviously things are always open for change. We’re looking for a [permanent] home here. Our kids are here. This is where their schools are, this is where their friends are. We don’t want to uplift them.” Braunwyn concluded, “In New York I’m living with Victoria, we have the cutest little flat in Williamsburg, which I love. So for me, it’s the best of both worlds.”


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