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Andy Cohen Says Braunwyn Windham-Burke Was Fired Because She “Wasn’t In Healthiest Spot” While Becoming Sober And Was Dealing With “Serious Life Stuff”

Real Housewives of Orange County fans knew that a cast shake-up was coming, and Bravo did not disappoint. On June 15, 2021, viewers found out that Kelly Dodd was fired. And Elizabeth Lyn Vargas was one and done. Get ready to toast with some champs, because RHOC alum Heather Dubrow is returning for Season 16. I love me some Heather, so I am here for it!

Braunwyn Windham-Burke was also let go, even though she recently expressed her desire to appear on another season of the show. “I’m incredibly sad to not be able to come back to The Real Housewives of Orange County next year,” Braunwyn said. “It feels revolutionary to say, but I was able to get sober and stay sober on reality TV. And I came out, becoming the first gay Housewife in the franchise’s history,” she stated.

Braunwyn’s life last season was chaotic and polarizing for viewers. Braunwyn started her sobriety journey on RHOC, and she marked one year of sobriety in February of 2021. She also went through some other major life changes. The mom of seven announced that she was a lesbian in December of 2020. Braunwyn began dating her girlfriend, Kris. She wanted to keep her husband, Sean Burke, and have her girlfriend, too.

Braunwyn claimed that the only reason that she came out was because there were paparazzi photos of her and Kris together. The situation seemed sketchy, and Heather weighed in on the paparazzi crisis. Heather said, “I want to just for the record there are no paparazzi in Orange County. You have to call them.”


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Braunwyn was always thirsting for attention. RHOC co-star Shannon Beador claimed that Braunwyn told her that she lied about her life during her first season on the show just to get the job. The love shack was fake? Wow.

In a disturbing incident, Braunwyn allegedly approached Shannon’s  daughter, Stella Beador, and offered her cocaine as well as her dealer’s number. Stella was 14 years old at the time. So, did Braunwyn take accountability?

In a screenshot shared by Bravo Superfans Instagram account, Braunwyn responded to a fan asking if she offered Stella drugs. “I honestly have no idea. I was drinking at the time,” she stated. “I’ve heard from her what happened and made amends.”


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According to The Sun, Andy Cohen broke down the reason for Braunwyn’s firing on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy. Andy stated, “I will say regarding Braunwyn, I really, I really give it up to her and commend her for being so open and letting us in, especially relating to her journey with sobriety.” Braunwyn certainly was an open book.

“She was going through some really serious life stuff on the show, and she didn’t shy away from sharing it with us, which I always appreciate,” Andy remarked. “You know, that being said, I listening to her at the reunion, uh, made me and I think, and the other producers feel like, you know what, maybe at this moment in time being on TV, wasn’t the healthiest spot for she and her family.” Why was Braunwyn’s struggle with alcoholism a reason to fire her?


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He continued, “So, um, especially if you’re going through the, she was just, I, I think she was dealing with some real, real stuff with her own with herself, with her marriage, with her children. It was a lot.”


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