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Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee Says Cast Turned Against Him Once Love Is Blind Started To Air

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee closed down 2022’s reality TV villain campaign before we even got started. This Love is Blind contestant proudly fat shamed women during his blind-dating introductions. He purposely played games with his former fiancé, Deepti Vempati’s, heart. And the Tesla clout chasing….I just.

It took viewers about 34 seconds to pin this guy down as the worst. His co-stars, on the other hand, took a bit longer. During the Love is Blind reunion Deepti revealed that at certain points during filming, the other men on the show tried to warn her about Shake’s intentions. And thank goodness. In the end we were all treated to watching Shake get left at the altar by our ever-evolving queen.


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Since losing at his own game, Shake has been all over the place trying to throw stones at his former costars. He has reached a new and truly embarrassing point in this venture. One that goes beyond transitioning from a Vet to a DJ at the ripe old age of whatever he is.

Us Weekly caught an exclusive podcast moment between Shake and none other than fart-in-a-jar Stephanie Matto. Truly spectacular content. During the episode Shake admitted,“Did I seem a little like, aggravated at the reunion? I was.”

“I was so hurt and upset by how everything happened,” Shake continued. “Everybody [was] just like, ‘Oh you’re the villain. All right, peace, dude. We don’t want to be friends with you.’” Shake claims he spent time with some of his former cast members the week before filming for the reunion. He argued, “Some people, I was like, ‘I was there for you, man. I was there for you for a lot.”


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Shake claims that “the entire cast” is “so, so obsessed with their own image” that they didn’t “want to be associated” with him. Sort of like when he sees a size eight. “That was hurtful to me. And it made me lash out,” Shake claimed. He asked, “If you had all these things to say, why don’t you say it to me [before the reunion]?”

As far as feeling remorse for lashing out, Shake won’t go there. “I mean, I said a lot of accurate, true things. But the way I said it was [as] a man that was hurt and lashing out.” Look out for hurt men.


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