Married At First Sight Recap: – Are You In, or Are You Out?

During this season of Married At First Sight we have witnessed many ups and downs. I don’t know if this has become one of my favorite or most frustrating casts. I have to admit it has been fun to be kept on my toes. Just when you think you have figured things out, something happens that makes you doubt everything. I’m sure if we have whiplash, the participants do as well. I can’t wait to see what happens on decision day and the reunion. Something tells me there will be some bombs dropped!

Almost eight weeks have passed as the four couples prepare for their final decision.. The idea of staying married has a nice ring to it for some, while the others turn to their friends and family to help sway their final decisions. One groom may have given his wife a hint to his decision when he casually admits he would get over her if they divorce much to her shock. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Katina and Olajuwon

Olajuwon meets with his former coach to discuss some of his hesitations in his marriage. He is still struggling with the idea of building a life with someone who is in a different stage of it than him. Currently, Katina is still working on her associate’s degree with hopes of becoming a nurse. While some would admire her goals he views it as an obstacle. It is hard for him to foresee a future where they will be able to do the type of things he is ready to do with a wife such as travel and have children.  It’s no secret I am not fond of Olajuwon, but I can see his point to a degree. I do think those things could be difficult while still in school, but many have made it work. My only question is that truly the reason he is tentative or is it because she isn’t meeting your requirements of the perfect chef and maid wife.

Olajuwon and Lindsey meet at the park to catch up. Although they were virtually enemies early on, they have become friends. He shares his doubts that his marriage could thrive with he and Katina lives being so different. He also still feels that she still has so much to learn. Translation, he feels she has no life skills as he so eloquently told her many times before. SMH… If I didn’t know anything about his wife, I would think she was a bumbling idiot incapable of the most basic tasks.

Katina and Olajuwon have one last romantic dinner before decision day Well, I guess it’s romantic, if you consider getting grilled on why you think you handle a marriage is sweet. I honestly feel bad for Katina. I fear she is being set up for heartbreak. Just the last episode, he told producers that they don’t need to be together. He also told Lindsey and his coach several reasons why things couldn’t work. Meanwhile, Katina is just walking around with rose colored glasses on. I question why she wants to stay married to a person who treats her so badly. He has taken every opportunity to make her look like a fool on national television, whiles she smiles and makes excuses. Even right before they part, he tells her he would get over it, if they divorced.

Lindsey and Mark

Lindsey makes the decision to test her and Mark’s ability to procreate if they chose to stay together. Although he is a little hesitant, he goes along with her request. I don’t know about you but this was one scene that I could have done without. Did we really need to know that he must be dehydrated because his sperm was the consistency of Elmer’s glue? Sigh! I feel sick even repeating it.  But despite Mark’s humiliation, they are overjoyed to find out that there is hope for a baby shark.

Mark meets with one of his friends to share some of the things he has been struggling with lately. He made the decision to move his mother to a care facility after it became apparent she wasn’t able to care for herself. He loves that Lindsey supports him, but he is torn because of their rollercoaster of a relationship. His friend believes that if he has found someone who sticks around during the tough times, that isn’t something to just ignore. Mark feels he may need to have some time alone to see if he misses her. I really don’t know about these two. Sometimes I could see things working, but I also am not sure they could sustain a healthy relationship. Neither one is able to effective communicate and that is a major issue.

Mark plans a romantic dinner at his mother’s home where he shockingly serves sushi. He thanks Lindsey for all of her help through his trying times. Things are going well, until she suggests all the ways she would change the house if they lived there. After all this time, she still doesn’t understand he is very slow to accept change. I understand her point about not wanting to feel like she is living in his mother’s and grandmother’s space, but it’s too soon to plan a renovation. His mom literally just left!

Noi and Steve

Noi meets with her friend to vent about her frustrations in her marriage. She is still annoyed that Steve still hasn’t gotten a job or made a plan for the future. Meanwhile, Steve invites his friend over to shop for another wedding ring for Noi. I find it ironic how she spent her time complaining about him, while he chose to do something to make her happy. I think it is indicative of their relationship. He goes above and beyond while she minimizes his contributions. If they intend to stay together there is a lot they need to discuss. Noi is going to have to learn to compromise, if she wants to make things work. Steve will also need to develop a concrete plan on how he intends to provide financially.

During dinner, Steve and Noi discuss her intentions to live apart, if they stay together after decision day. Obviously, he wants to continue living together, while she isn’t comfortable doing so. She is still worried about his ability to contribute financially. He is frustrated that his wife doesn’t seem to have any faith in him, despite his past careers and what he has provided thus far. Things go from bad to worse, when they arrive home and Steve starts to reflect on how his marriage may be one sided.

Jasmina and Michael

Michael visits his sisters for some advice on what he should do on decision day. Despite his family wanting him to married, they also want him to be happy. Meanwhile, Jasmina speaks with one of her male friends about her feelings. Although they are in a good place, she still doesn’t feel a romantic connection. She reveals that she could possibly get there, if Michael took more initiative. Her friend suggests that she tell him how she is feeling and be more direct about what she needs.

Michael and Jasmina have fun during a night out dancing. During dinner, he apologizes for time he wasted early on in their marriage. I really hate that he feels he needs to prove himself to her, as if he was the only one contributing to their issues. Just as I expected, Jasmina shoots him down stating she is in a place where she feels it could be just friendship. Insert eye roll emoji. Michael, you may not want to imagine your wife in any future plans. If she isn’t attracted to you after all this time, it may never happen



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