Hannah Ferrier Claps Back At Ryan McKeown’s Claims That Aesha Scott Has No Life Outside Below Deck

I don’t know about you, but I am so over Below Deck Down Under‘s Chef Ryan McKeown. While I am totally aware that the chefs often bring excess drama– looking at you Chef Mathew Shea and Chef Mila Kolomeitseva so much of it is unnecessary.

Just look at Rachel Hargrove over on Below Deck. Did she over imbibe and cultivate an alternate personality? Yes. Did she turn things around and deliver amazing food? Yes ma’am, she did. Girl can cook.

And perhaps, that’s my biggest issue with Ryan. I might not mind the lack of respect, or you know, basic manners, if he was dishing up some amazing food experiences. But he’s not. And I for one, would not be paying that amount of money to charter a yacht, if I was not gonna have a five-star meal. Can you imagine if Ryan was tasked with a seafood extravaganza? No way Courtney Skippon would let that fly. Chef Kevin Dobson be damned.


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It’s not enough that Ryan keeps getting into it with chief stew Aesha Scott. No sir. Apparently, asking her how many toilets she’s cleaned only goes so far. Cheffy’s now gone ahead and gotten into it with hall-of-famer chief stew, Below Deck Mediterranean‘s own Hannah Ferrier. Tisk-tisk. I imagine things could only get worse if he decided to take on Kate Chastain. But I digress.

According to Us Weekly, Hannah took offense to Ryan making disparaging remarks about her former second, Aesha on an episode of the POP-OFF! Podcast with James. Ryan claimed that, “…I live a real life. I work very hard. I live a f–king good life … I have zero regrets [about my behavior on Below Deck Down Under], not even a letter.” Of course he doesn’t. Insert massive eyeroll.

Ryan went on to say, “right now [Aesha’s] whole life is Bravo. And if she’s OK with it, I’m happy for her.” Sure Jan.


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Hannah was having None. Of. It. Immediately clapping back, “[Aesha’s] whole life is Bravo’ — yeah — apart from the part where she spends 10 months a year traveling the world adventure exploring with her hubby to be. Apart from that — her whole life is Bravo.”

Always one to deflect from the actual issue at hand, or you know, the truth. Ryan responded exactly how you would expect him to. With a personal dig. “Wait. What did you get fired for again?” Considering the only reason Captain Jason Chambers hasn’t fired Ryan yet is because he doesn’t have a back-up chef, I’m not sure he should be talking.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]