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Below Deck Mediterranean Alum Hannah Ferrier Says Captain Lee Rosbach “Gets” Filming A Reality TV Show And Captain Sandy Yawn Does Not

With the premiere of Below Deck Season 9, it’s again time to compare crew and speculate about the coming drama.  Especially since Captain Sean Meagher is filling in for series staple Captain Lee Rosbach.  And while we’re here comparing captains, let’s also throw Captain Sandy Yawn into the mix.

Why?  Because anytime Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier is talking about ANYTHING, she will find a way to bring it back to her nemesis.  And if that’s your cup of reality tea, then rejoice, because Hannah has a full platform to air her grievances.

On a recent episode of her podcast, Dear Reality, You’re Effed, Hannah brought on five season champion Eddie Lucas.  Eddie is returning to Season 9 as First Officer and is already butting heads with interim Captain Sean.  He credited Captain Lee on understanding the dynamics of filming a reality TV show, and adapting as needed.

According to Monsters & Critics, Hannah then jumped in to say that Captain Sandy is the opposite.  The former Chief Stew opined, “That’s the biggest difference between Lee and Sandy is Lee kinda gets it.  He understands there’s this whole thing going on in the background, and not everything is gonna run perfectly all the time. Because you don’t want it to run perfectly, cause then it’s boring f**king television. Whereas Sandy wanted perfection at every step of the way, which is why she didn’t like me. I am far from perfect.”


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Sandy is known for her micro-managing of the crew.  But what happens when production steps in to create a situation or drama?  Hannah recalled being berated for letting her stews sleep in after a late night out with crew.  They can’t just leave the club when they want to.  Hannah explained that production would time the vans, and it wasn’t an option to return to the yacht earlier if needed. With that in mind, Captain Sandy could have let the crew rest before the next charter.  But instead chose to berate Hannah.

Again comparing the two captains, Hannah found Captain Lee to be the more supportive, and she would even call him while on charter with Sandy.  She revealed, “he’s the best, I’ve spoken about our friendship before, but sometimes with Lee, I would just walk off and de-mic myself, And then go call him at the cafe near the port. And be like, ‘Lee, I don’t know what to do, I’m trying my best. How do I do this? What do I do? What do I say?’ He’s like, ‘OK Hannah’ in his American accent, ‘take a breath.’ So, he was such a good little coach for me.”

Well, it seems like Sandy and Hannah are not going to stop talking about each other anytime soon.  And these unearthed tidbits will keep entertaining and keeping the feud alive and well.


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