Married At First Sight Recap: – Boston Reunion, Part 1

This has been a roller coaster of a season of Married At First Sight.  It’s been five months since the cameras stopped rolling on decision day. Am I the only one sitting on the edge of my seat to find out what these couples have been up to all this time? For some reason, Alyssa and Chris were asked to participate, despite only appearing in the first few episodes.  Multiple participants are trying to give their image a facelift on the reunion. It’s a little too late in my opinion, but I will let you be the judge.

The reunion starts with everyone on one stage before separating for conversations with the individual couples. Tensions flare and strained relationships are put to the test as the entire cast reunites. They relive the most shocking, emotional and dramatic moments from the Boston season.  The couples also reveal shocking updates about their marriages. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Alyssa and Chris

Unfortunately, producers decided to torture us with Chris and Alyssa’s presence on the reunion. Let’s be real, she only showed up to do damage control. When they speak with the host, Kevin Frasier, she attempts to make excuses for her behavior and gaslight Chris. Thankfully, Chris  isn’t buying it and calls her out on all of the mean comments she made about him. We all know that she was not attracted to her husband, but the way she treated him because of it was disgusting. It was clear that she just wanted to continue to be on television, despite not participating in the process with her spouse. When none of her tactics work, she resorts to tears. Sigh! Can she just go away and leave us alone? Nice people don’t have keep reminding others that they are nice. Please exit stage left and slink back into the bushes.

Jasmina and Michael

It’s hard to tell if Michael and Jasmina are still together, when they first begin talking to the host. They are sitting awfully close together and appear very comfortable. Jasmina reveals that she and Michael didn’t speak for the first month of the marriage after an argument that led to her calling him aggressive. But after some help from the experts, they began to communicate in a healthier manner. Fast forward to current day, this relationship only survived 2 weeks after the camera stopped rolling. It was Michael who made the decision to call it quits after realizing things were not progressing. Even the host said they had no chemistry and Jasmina had friend zoned him early on. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes, but it was clear this wasn’t going to work. That is why I was so shocked when these two decided to stay married. Oh well, at least they are no longer wasting their time.

Katina and Olajuwon

Surprisingly, Olajuwon and Katina are still married. He even seems like he has calmed down since we last saw him. I don’t know if that is due to all of the bad press or he actually changed. According to Katina, he no longer expects her to cook every day. He has done some self-reflection since doubting his wife’s life skills and now believes that life requires balance. Insert side eye. I hope this is really true, but I’m finding it hard to believe he has changed so drastically in such a short time. In an effort to show how much he loves Katina, he gets on one knee and presents her with a nice ring. I still believe public opinion has something to do with this sudden change, but if he is actually treating her better, I am happy for them.

Noi and Steve

Steve and Noi are still happily married and currently living together 6 out of 7 days a week. Although she has kept her apartment and hasn’t fully moved in, he no longer feels threatened by her choice. Things get very interesting when they begin talking about Steve’s finances. Apparently, he may have a nice nest egg stashed away because all of a sudden Noi is no longer worried about his financial situation. Steve reveals that he saved and has made several investments, including crypto. I knew that had to be the case when he revealed that he was paying the majority of the bills while on the show. Hopefully, they have learned to compromise and communicate more effectively.

Lindsey and Mark

Right out of the gate I noticed Lindsey and Mark’s body language on the couch while talking to the host. They are sitting far apart and there is obvious tension. So I wasn’t surprised when they revealed that they were no longer together. Mark says that they got into several horrible arguments that led to their break up. Lindsey claims that after working on renovating his home, he began threatening to kick her out and change the locks once she had given up her apartment. Whew! This is deep. Honestly, it’s not hard to believe both sides of the story given how they argued throughout the season. Mark explains he has been bullied his entire life and could no longer deal with his wife’s confrontational personality. In retaliation, she pulls out a list of all of the things she did to make his life better. Sigh! Was that really necessary, but I’m not going to lie, she did a lot to help him which he admits is true. I don’t think anyone is surprised that Mark and Lindsey are no longer together due to all of the explosive arguments they had in such a short time. It’s best these two stay far away from one another.


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]