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Bling Empire Season 2 Trailer: Kelly Mi Li Accuses Jessey Lee Of Cheating On Cherie Chan; Christine Chiu Name-Drops Kathy Hilton

At long last, Netflix is ready to gift us a new season of one of its best reality shows. No, not another expedited season of Selling Sunset filled with artificial drama. It’s Bling Empire and if you haven’t binge-watched the first season multiple times already, what are you waiting for? The series centers around major figures in LA’s Asian-American high society. It has lavish wealth, messy relationships, and a whole lot of yelling. Anna Shay ALONE should be a reason to watch it.

Netflix has finally released the trailer for Season 2 of Bling Empire, which is set to debut on May 13 (via People). It’s dripping with glamour shots of luxury cars, expansive mansions, and over-the-top fashion. Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty of drama to unpack too.

It’s been a while since we last caught up with the cast. In that amount of time, Kelly Mi Li finally dropped Andrew Gray as a dead-beat boyfriend once and for all. Thank you JESUS. Andrew can take his power ranger suit and stay off my TV for good, please. Kelly might be single and ready to mingle, but she’s also ready to spread drama.


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In a shocking moment, Kelly spreads a rumor that Jessey Lee, Cherie Chan’s man and baby daddy, is living a double life. “Jessey has another family,” Kelly blurts out at a party. Meanwhile, Cherie is making excuses that Jessey is just “waiting for the right time” to get married, which sounds like STALLING to me. No wonder Cherie made a hasty exit from Season 2 and decided to marry her man in secret. This is some piping hot tea for Netflix.

In other shocking news, Kevin Kreider has decided to take things to the next level with Kim Lee. It might seem like a decent match, but Kim wastes no time expressing her feelings about Kevin’s extensive dating history. “Basically, Kevin’s a manwhore,” Kane Lim explains. That’s one way to put it.


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Kim and Kevin’s honeymoon stage doesn’t last long and it probably goes way deeper than Kane’s shady comment. “I hate it when people lie to me,” Kim coldly says to Kevin in one moment. I need to know MORE about what is happening with these two. I can sense the toxicity already.

Kane also found himself a new enemy with the latest addition to the show, Dorothy Wang. Dorothy is a daughter of a billionaire and definitely knows how to play the part. However, she has no time to waste on Kane, and apparently, this beef runs deep. “Kane has been trying to get lunch since 2011,” Dorothy says in a confessional. “I’d rather fast for 87 days straight.” I’m living for the pettiness.


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Anna Shay is back and ready to read Christine Chiu to filth. At one moment, she shames  Christine for flaunting her wealth. “Money so unimpresses me, it impresses you,” she says. Christine plays shocked, but I smell some serious drama between these two as well.

In the final moment of the trailer, Christine is seen getting a phone call during her confessional from the one and only Kathy Hilton. We know Christine wants to be on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but this is a bit much. I can’t wait to see Anna’s reaction to this name-drop from her not-so-close friend.

Check out the Bling Empire Season 2 trailer below.


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