Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Trailer Is Here!

Below Deck Mediterraneaxn is returning to Bravo on July 11th. The “supersized season premiere” will be available a week early, on July 4th on Peacock, according to E! News.

Only two crew members are returning from the ultimate Season 6 cast. Captain Sandy Yawn and the delightful Deckhand Mzi “Zee” Dempers. They will be headed to a new destination, Malta. Zee and Sandy will be joined by Chief Stew Natasha Webb, Chef Dave White, Bosun Raygan Tyler, Stews Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen and Deckhands Storm Smith and Jason Gaskell.

For the most part, Sandy’s crew got along last season. She called them the best group she’d ever worked with. That sentiment will surely not be shared at the end of this season, I can assure you all. The season trailer looked like a mess. *Spoilers ahead*

Chief Stew Natasha shared her guest management strategy in the teaser. She says “As a Chief Stew, when sh*t hits the fan, the best thing to do is feed them alcohol.” I love to hear it.

Chef Dave eagerly claims he loves to work under pressure during one of his preview confessionals. That is almost a sure sign that he will be melting down within the first three episodes. You heard it here first!

Mzi was all but missing from the entire trailer. Single tear.

As for cast hookups, Natalya and Storm appear rather cozy after Natalya joked with her look-alike/Cheif Stew, Natasha to “bring [her] a naked man.” Not to be outdone, the other Second Stew, Kyle seems to hit it off with one of the guests!

The interior is going to be giving plenty of drama. Kyle gets into it with Natashlya regularly from the looks of it. As far as the deck crew, Jason may be trying to ship out early.

On to Sandy. She’s nervous Chief Stew Natalie and Chef Dave are getting “close”. She says, “Chief Stew and the Chef have to work well together. It permeates through the boat.” Between that and being shown correcting her Bosun Raygan in another clip, I just hope the table scapes go well.

Check out the Below Deck Mediterranean Trailer Below.


[Photo Credit:Bravo]