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Bethenny Frankel Is Returning To TV To Host A New Show With Kevin O’Leary

If you are missing Bethenny Frankel on your screen, I have good news for you. The former Real Housewives of New York cast member and Bravo icon is planning to make a return to TV. Unfortunately, it won’t be Housewives related.

As reported by E! News, Bethenny is going to team up with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary. She will join him as a co-host on his CNBC show Money Court. Bethenny has previously appeared as a guest investor on Shark Tank. On the show, she was tasked with whether or not she wanted to invest in wanna be entrepreneur’s businesses.

But on Money Court, Bethenny and Kevin will help other business owners settle their financial issues and disputes. Bethenny released a statement, calling the show her “best television experience to date.” She added, “The range in reviewing small businesses where everything is on the line to the riskiest hundred-million-dollar conflicts, the stakes couldn’t be higher.”

She then spoke of the show in a broader sense. Bethenny stated, “We really are saving small and large businesses alike. Our sum is greater than its parts. There is nothing like this on television, and America needs a show that exhibits how to resolve business conflict in a creative, tactical, strategic and methodical manner.”

Bethenny is arguably the most well known and inarguably the most successful Housewife ever. But she has yet to have a real hit outside of Bravo. Her 2014 daytime talk show only lasted one season before it was cancelled. And her latest TV venture, HBO Max’s The Big Shot with Bethenny, struggled to pull viewers.

The new show is likely a big disappointment for Housewives fans, who were hoping she would come back for a RHONY reboot. Andy Cohen announced back in March that RHONY would add a Legacy series, hoping to bring back former RHONY all-stars. Of course, Bethenny was on their speed dial. But so far, she’s not interested.

She shared, “I got a text from, you know, the powers that be in the Bravosphere saying, ‘Is there a chance? Is there a chance? Just asking, is there a chance?’ Meaning, would I come back.” She noted on her podcast that she “didn’t really understand” what it was supposed to be. And called it a “half-baked announcement.” Bethenny concluded, “When asked, I say, ‘There’s a number, but I don’t think you can afford it.'”


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]