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Madison LeCroy Says It’s Refreshing She’s Not “Mean And Toxic” On Southern Charm

Isn’t it crazy what love can do? Apparently, the most energetic of personalities can be toned down. And instead of engaging in conflict with other cast members, Madison LeCroy seems perfectly delightful on Southern Charm. Of course, it’s early yet and Venita Aspen is feeling aggrieved as a result of Kathryn Dennis being extended an invitation to her and Madison’s joint birthday party. Then there’s the issue of Leva Bonaparte unfriending the Maven salon owner shortly after the Season 8 wrap party.

Still, we are seeing a relatively serene Madison, who is basking in the glow of new love and a fancy rock. And the mother of one claimed to People that she felt more calm and balanced while filming the season.  She credits her fiance, Brett Randle, for the change.

“I’m in a different headspace,” Madison explained. “I’m truly happy in my relationship because I’m finally with someone who loves me in the way that I need. He’s the most incredible man. He’s there for me, no matter what. I turn to him for advice, and he knows how to be a man.”

“He just makes me want to be a better person,” she gushed. “I just have the most respect for him. I can’t say I’ve ever been a relationship where that’s the case before.”

Not only that, Brett has the seal of approval from Madison’s son Hudson and Hudson’s father.  She quipped, “I don’t think my ex likes the fact that they look kind of similar, but they have a great relationship. To have that support shows you everything you need to know.”

Southern Charm fans will recognize the dig behind the statement. Madison has had no qualms about sharing the ills in her relationship with Austen. Certainly, the toxic duo rubbed off on each other and tension was palpable during filming Season 7.

By contrast, Madison told People how being with Brett has affected her. “It’s refreshing to be with someone like that,” she added. “And refreshing to feel like I’m not so mean and toxic on the show.”

The only confrontation Madison takes ownership for are moments where she feels disrespected. Like newbie Olivia Flower’s “homegirl” comment.

Madison explained, “I take no s—, but I’m not going to mean to anyone for no reason. I react to how everyone else reacts to me. That’s what you saw.”

Another reason to roll back the confrontation? Redemption. Madison believes that Austen’s sloppy behavior on Winter House and Summer House exposed him as the playboy he truly is.

“I’m redeemed at this point. He got it coming for him,” Madison explained. “Austen showed his true colors so now people can see why I was acting that way. Anyone can tell, I was just better at the game he and Craig [Conover] had been playing the entire time. They were mad about it.”

With the past behind her, Madison is looking forward to building a future with Brett. The two recently bought a home together, and Madison is happily preparing for the couple’s November wedding with the help of a childhood friend who works as a wedding planner.

Madison revealed, “Wedding planning, she says, has been stress-free. I haven’t been a bridezilla yet but I still have a few months left. I’ve had my fair share of trauma being in the industry [as a hairdresser] so try to be really appreciative.”

“His family is from California, so it was already going to be a destination for them,” Madison explained of their decision to wed at a location outside of Charleston, South Carolina. “We just figured, ‘Why not do something a little more adventurous?”

It’s a beach location without the regular themes, according to Madison. “Even though I’ve been married before, this is actually my first wedding, and the last thing I wanted was a coastal vibe,” she said. “I didn’t want shells on the table, driftwood — none of that. We will have some sand, but it’s white sand! So I’m excited to see it all come together.”

And what of the most important aspect? “The dress was the hardest part,” Madison revealed. “I went everywhere, cause I wanted something local, but I ended up finding a dress in New York City. So at least that’s done!”

The groom will stay under wraps for now. Brett declined to appear on Southern Charm Season 8. It seems doubtful that Bravo will be at all involved in the couple’s wedding, so fans will have to be patient for a potential appearance on Season 9.

Madison concluded, “That was his preference, and I have to respect people if they want their privacy. He didn’t sign up for this, he just happened to fall in love with a girl who is in the media. And while he’s adapted well and has been opening up slowly to the idea of everything, we’re moving on his time. Hopefully, if everything is going well who’s to say we might not see him next season?”


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