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Top 5 Takeaways From Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 4

Southern Charm is on an entirely new level this season. The drama is fresh. The implications of those Summer House/Winter House appearances by Craig Conover and Austen Kroll sent shockwaves through the group. It doesn’t get better than this!

Reaction to Madison’s Engagement

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

If anything, Austen seemed relieved not to be the man tying the knot to Madison LeCroy. He’s probably heartbroken on the inside, but he feels sorry for the man she’s with.

Austen’s mother was relieved his son didn’t walk down the aisle with her. The situation was toxic overall for everyone involved.

Patricia Altschul’s reaction to Madison’s engagement was far better than anything the men said on last week’s episode. She’s genuinely thrilled for Madison, whom she’s taken under her wing over the last few seasons. Quite the contrast to anything else said thus far.

To hear that he planned the proposal with Madison’s son shows how different this relationship is. She sheltered her son from Austen for the most part. To hear how quickly she let her fiancé in speaks volumes.

Patricia Altschul’s Needed On This Show

Patricia Altschul Southern Charm

Sometimes I have my doubts about Patricia as a person. However, whether or not this writer finds her genuine isn’t relevant because this show needs her. She’s the glue keeping everything together.

Watching her interact with her son Whitney Sudler-Smith this season has been top-tier. Whitney’s been stepping up for his mother in her longtime butler Michael Kelcourse’s absence. In doing so, he’s become comedic gold. He doesn’t have the same standards as Patricia, so she’s always on his case.

Shep’s Baby Drama Continues

Shep Rose Southern Charm

Two seconds into Shep Rose’s lunch with Taylor Ann Green, she references her lack of pregnancy. Shep’s relieved not to be a dad, but Taylor’s miserable. Once again, they’re on different pages (or stages) in their relationship.

Shep says he was close to changing his life drastically to accommodate a child. However, his interviews prove that’s a crock. He doesn’t want to change his lifestyle to become a father.

That’s fine. Nobody HAS to become a parent. He needs to tell Taylor before she gets in deeper with a man who doesn’t share the same values.

Taylor wants marriage if she becomes pregnant. She knows Shep won’t step up and put a ring on it when push comes to shove. What’s weird to me about their relationship is the lack of being on the same wavelength.

Taylor and Shep see two different futures. They’re worried about something coming between them down the road, but it’s splintering their relationship now. This topic is only going to come up in increased frequency. It’s not going away.

Kathryn & Chleb’s Breakup Fallout

Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm

After her breakup with Chleb Ravenell, Kathryn’s getting closer to Olivia Flowers. They’re already a dangerously dynamic duo. They’re going to wreak havoc on everyone in this group. I feel it now.

Kathryn says she was trying to open up about issues with her relationship at the dinner with Chleb. Is that revisionist history?

She ambushed him the second he returned home. There was nothing about that scene that showed someone interested in repairing things.

The one thing Kathryn nailed is Chleb’s inability to show his emotions. He’s not used to opening up about his feelings and working through them. Kathryn’s the type who likes talking everything out, so naturally, they ended up at an impasse.

Chleb’s confused about everything. The happiness wore off. They also weren’t filming at the time, so that’s probably there wasn’t much drama.

He doesn’t want to end the relationship, but he admits he can’t showcase his emotions the way she needs. His feelings are genuine, but he’s not broadcasting the painful emotions she wants to see from him.

Madison & Venita’s Birthday Party

Venita Aspen Southern Charm

All of the women attended this birthday party. With this crop of girls together in one location, you knew some shit would go down. Kathryn was nervous about attending because of Venita Aspen’s issues with her.

Madison was messy for secretly inviting Kathryn, knowing what issues were there. When she suggested asking Olivia, I knew she was up to her usual tricks.

It’s Venita’s birthday too, so it was a shady move not to disclose the guest list. Madison made a calculated move not to tell Venita who was invited.

Nobody wants to be blindsided on their birthday by people they don’t like. Venita should take note of this version of Madison. It’s the real one, and she’s not immune to her messiness.

What’s the deal with Leva Bonaparte this season? She’s considered a central cast member, so where is she in any of the storylines? She’s at this party, but that’s about it. What’s going on?

Naomie Olindo pulls Olivia aside at the party to try and patch things up. Olivia doesn’t know the history of everyone, but she stands her ground.

Thanks to her doing that, Naomie has a newfound respect for the newcomer into the group. That could cause a problem with Kathryn down the road.

In the spirit of realness, Leva prompts Kathryn & Venita to speak on their issues. With Patricia at the table, she doesn’t like Kathryn using explicit language.

Naomie chimed in and made it more of a volatile situation. However, Kathryn didn’t like the condescending way Venita tried to start the talk with her, so nothing got resolved. The drama is just heating up.


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