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Kim Richards Reveals Why She Isn’t Friends With Brandi Glanville Anymore; Brandi Claps Back

The history between former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville is interesting. During a crazy game night, Brandi quarreled with both Kim and her sister, Kyle Richards. Brandi accused Kim of doing drugs in the bathroom, while Kim called Brandi a “slut pig.”

During an ill-fated poker night during Season 5 of RHOBH, Brandi and Kyle fought over Kim in the driveway, with Kim choosing Brandi over her sister. Brandi and Kim remained friends for years.

Brandi claimed that Kim was upset at her when a rumor popped up that Kim and Brandi had a threesome together. Brandi denied the claim.

In 2021, Brandi revealed that she and Kim were no longer speaking after a fight in a hot tub. “We just had, like, a hot tub fight and I don’t know what happened — I know what happened — but we’re not talking at the moment,” Brandi said. Come on, Brandi. Mention it all!

Kim told E! News the reason that she ended her friendship with Brandi, and it is a jaw-dropper. In 2019, Kim had a cancer scare which resulted in her having breast surgery.

“There were some pictures she posted of me after my surgery—it was a tough surgery for me. They thought I had cancer, and I had something blocking my chest cavity,” Kim explained. “It was scary for me.”

While filming RHOBH a week later at Kyle’s house, Kim felt like she had “popped a stitch.” Kim continued, “I was scared, and Brandi looks down and checks and I ask, ‘Can you look please? I’m scared.'” She stated, “And that picture was posted. I’m sure it was by accident but…I felt a little upset. I felt like just take that down.” Why would Brandi take a photo?

Kim allegedly asked Brandi to “please take it down” but “she never responded.” The RHOBH alum remarked, “Then she called later, and I said, ‘I asked you to take that down,’ and she said, ‘It’s nothing, it was a picture.’ So, she didn’t find the harm in it.” Kim added that she hasn’t spoken to Brandi since.

Of course, Brandi clapped back, to the surprise of no one. Please excuse the grammar in the tweet. She tweeted, “I love you @KimRichards11 But your recollection is off please show me that picture that you’re talking about because that never happened.”

Brandi stated, “In fact, well after that moment in time you did my podcast and when we went into Covid I even drove you to the emergency room. #receipts.” Brandi concluded her post with three heart emojis.

Kim also gave E! News the status of her relationships with her sisters, Kyle and Kathy Hilton. Kim’s relationship with her sisters could be tumultuous at times.

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“I’m okay with Kyle. I wish I could see her more. I wish we could spend a little more time together,” Kim commented. “I spend more time with Kathy than Kyle and I do miss my sister. I know she’s balancing 100 things and we all are.”

Kim added, “After COVID, this has taught us those of you who love your family, you love them, and you be with them.” Kim has seen Kyle since their daughters’ joint engagement parties, which were held five months ago.

“I did say to her, ‘In the new year, I’d like to make an effort on my part too.’ Because I was afraid to go because after my surgery,” Kim said. “Now I’m trying to get over it and if there’s anybody I want to see first it’s gonna be my sisters.”


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