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Top 5 Takeaways From Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 5

Southern Charm is firing on all cylinders this season, and the garden party is highlighting that. These are real people with genuine issues, and it’s all boiling over. There’s no escaping anymore. After a long hiatus from filming, people have scores to settle.

Garden Party Drama Part 2

Venita Aspen Southern Charm

The episode kicked off with drama from last week’s episode carrying over into this one. Madison LeCroy knew exactly what she was doing by inviting Kathryn Dennis and Olivia Flowers. Leva Bonaparte was doing a decent job at meditating between Venita Aspen and everyone else. It’s really the only thing she’s done every season.

Venita went too far by bringing up Kathryn’s kids. When will everyone learn not to drag kids into a feud between adults? It doesn’t matter what the context was. You don’t do that. Period.

Kathryn doesn’t understand why she’s being targeted. Leva assured her that she was normal, but it was because of her emotions. So basically, everyone knows they can get a rise out of Kathryn, so she’s an easy target. Call it what it is.

When it doesn’t work out with Kathryn, Venita turns her attention to Oliva. Nobody engaged at the party with Venita. Olivia hasn’t done anything wrong, so it’s a bit confusing as to what Venita’s motives are.

Olivia doesn’t like the word racism thrown out in a conversation involving her. What I didn’t like was Olivia telling Venita she’s not going to “cancel culture” her out of here. If you have done nothing wrong, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Olivia doesn’t know the struggles Venita might’ve gone through or other Black women.

Venita’s desperately trying to have a moment with everyone in this group. I might chalk this up to a newbie trying to find their footing. It still wreaks of desperation though. At the same time, this is Madison’s fault. If Madison didn’t secretly invite Kathryn and Olivia, Venita wouldn’t have been blindsided.

Paige/Craig/Naomie “Love” Triangle

Paige DeSorbo Southern Charm

It’s been a fun treat seeing Paige DeSorbo on Southern Charm this season. She and Craig Conover feel like they could be the real deal. Honestly? They might be the only genuine relationship currently in the cast, romantically speaking.

Paige understands group settings as being a place Craig might hang out with Naomie Olindo. However, she is putting the kibosh on Craig having a one-on-one lunch with her. The door is closed on Craig hanging out with Naomie, at least according to Paige.

Craig doesn’t see anything wrong with reconnecting with his ex on that sort of personal level. He must tread lightly if he wants his relationship with Paige. Is being buddies with Naomie that important to him?

On the boys’ trip with Shep Rose and Austen Kroll, Craig phones Paige, and you can tell how much he misses her. He wants to tell her that he loves her, but he didn’t say it.

Austen & Olivia’s Totally Not Date

Austen Kroll Southern Charm

Olivia is out of her mind if she is serious about pursuing a relationship with Austen. Has she never seen the show she’s on? He has a horrendous history with women, and history says this won’t end any differently.

Austen spent the entire “date” with Olivia talking about Madison. She wants to connect with this man, and all he’s doing is rambling about Madison’s current happenings. If he’s still hung-up on Madison, he needs to let Olivia find someone else. If he’s not over Madison, it’s not fair to Olivia.

Olivia had to sit through an awkward conversation about their status as a couple as well. These two are just getting to know one another. There isn’t a need to throw a label on something that’s still in its infancy stage.

Olivia played the thing really cool in comparison to how many would. Most people wouldn’t sit through while someone pines over their ex and fumbles through a conversation about status. Hopefully, he gets over himself soon and doesn’t string her along for too long.

Boys Road Trip

Craig Conover Southern Charm

Shep, Craig, and Austen have unmatched chemistry. Whether you find them likable or not is irrelevant because scenes with all three guys DELIVER. Their banter is hilarious.

The writing is on the wall for the end of Shep and Taylor Ann Green’s relationship. We all know by now that they’ve split, but this episode has to play a pivotal role in them calling it quits.

The meeting is more about helping Austen’s parents with the sale of his childhood home. This is also a mega business opportunity for Austen and his brand.

Shoutout to Austen for ignoring everyone who consistently doubts him. He’s managed to throw all of that to the wayside and build a brand for himself.

Shep’s “Hot Mic” Type Moment

Shep Rose Southern Charm

Shep is so fucking awful. During the trip, he calls Taylor, and a wild moment happens. When Shep tells Taylor that he’s going to bars in Charlotte, her paranoia peaks. He leaves the room off camera and tells her he’s not going to stop going places.

To make things worse, Shep tries gaslighting Taylor by accusing her of drinking. Way to project! Taylor has reason to be worried. If Shep didn’t on her in the first place, she wouldn’t be worried about his actions out of town.

Even Austen and Craig understand that Taylor has good reason to be concerned. Despite what Shep might want everyone to think, Taylor’s not insane. She doesn’t want her heart broken.

Craig says Shep’s not cut out to be a relationship guy. The whole thing is really sad to watch because everyone knows how this is going to end. He’s going back to his old ways. That’s if he ever changed in the first place.

A drunk Craig says Shep’s worried about Taylor finding out more. There’s more than that one kiss apparently. I can’t say I’m surprised to learn any of that.

The episode ends with Shep being a sleazeball and buying another woman a drink. Here we go. This likely explains so much about the downfall of their relationship.


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