Caroline Stanbury Real Housewives Of Dubai

Real Housewives Of Dubai’s Caroline Stanbury Compares Lesa Milan To A Toddler

Caroline Stanbury certainly has her claws out. The Real Housewives of Dubai has been anything but enjoyable to watch on the new series. I used to enjoy her snark on Ladies of London, but Caroline seems to find filming RHODubai a bother. While she has made an effort to feud with standout Chanel Ayan, she has done little else to present herself as interested in participating in the show.

But now that the season is airing, Caroline finally understands the assignment. Along with newfound bestie Caroline Brooks, she recently spoke with Page Six to go after Lesa Milan. Caroline began, “I think it’s fairly obvious for anyone that’s been watching the show, I’ve had a target on my back from the very beginning.” She added, “I think Lesa, in particular, has just gone for me in every aspect of my life. At this point, I have earmuffs [on.] It’s like watching, sort of a toddler … like, want your attention and throw everything at you.”

Caroline and Lesa have been feuding on the show and it’s spilled over to Twitter as well. But despite giving a whole interview about her, Caroline claims that she won’t give in “because that’s what [Lesa] wants.” The former LoL star admitted that her relationship with Lesa only got worse after watching the show air. She described it as reliving all the drama. Said Caroline, “Watching it back has been a bit of a shock. And we kind of have realized how manipulated I think we’ve been.”

Brooks agreed, saying that they both felt “super manipulated” by some of their castmates. Brooks explained, “We realize, you know, where our trust lies now.” She also noted that it was hard seeing her costars “bad mouthing” her and her friends in confessionals.

Lesa drew Caroline and Brooks’ current ire after Lesa said, “I can’t stand most of these bitches.” But Lesa did go on to say that she wants to make amends during the upcoming RHODubai reunion. Said Lesa, “I actually don’t like drama, but I’m looking forward to clearing my name, one. And two, hopefully coming to a resolution because I do love the ladies. These are my friends, and I do hope that the reunion is like a therapy session.”

The maternity wear  mogul concluded, “I hope that we can come to a resolution at some point. I’m still close to some of the girls. I just feel like we have unresolved issues that hopefully we can resolve at the reunion.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]