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Jim Edmonds Slams Teddi Mellencamp For Sharing Wedding Invitation With Ex-Wife Meghan King On Teddi’s Podcast

If you were looking for a Housewives feud where it’s impossible to take sides because both people suck so bad, look no further! In a strange turn of events that was not on my 2022 Bingo card, Teddi Mellencamp and Jimmy Dad Jeans Edmonds are fighting.

On a recent episode of Teddi’s podcast, Two T’s In A Pod, Jim’s ex-wife, Meghan King, appeared as a guest. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star joined Teddi in cringing over a copy of Jim’s wedding invite. The already thrice married former MLB player is set to marry Kortnie with a K O’Connor in Italy next month.

As reported by Us Weekly, Jim wasn’t too happy about the leak of his wedding invite. Teddi, who spent 3 seasons on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, brought the drama to social media and posted screen shots of their alleged text message exchange. Posted on her IG Stories, Teddi wrote, “Ooof Jimmy is so angry. [I] tried to apologize.”

Per the screen shots, Jim asked Teddi if Meghan was behind the leak. He noted that it was “hard to believe” since only 18 invites were sent out. Teddi denied it was Meghan and said she “blindsided” her on the pod after receiving the invite via Instagram DM.

In turn, Jim asked Teddi to show him, to which she declined. Teddi said she didn’t want to “out the person” who sent the message. She wrote back, “I will happily have Cortney [sic] on the pod to discuss and apologize for showing it.” Wowowow, Teddi is really bringing the heat. Leaking his wedding invite to his unknowing ex-wife, on her own podcast? Then refusing to provide receipts but suggesting Jim’s fiance come on the show to gain ratings? Looks like Teddi’s co-host Tamra Judge has been rubbing off on her.

Teddi concluded her end of the exchange and said, “I am not going to fight with you. And the invite was also posted on someone’s Insta story. I can apologize but that’s where I leave it.” But Jim was pretty pissed and told her to “clean up your own s—t” and “stop worrying about other peoples [sic] before it comes back to bite you in the ass.”

Jim also allegedly called Teddi “trash” for disrespecting Kortnie’s wedding invite taste but has stayed publicly mum about the feud since it happened. Teddi…not so much! She added to her Instagram Stories, “If making a joke about an invite on a pod gets him this upset. Yikes. PSA to angry men. This ain’t it.”

She then defended her position to share the texts. Teddi explained, “For the record, I would have never shared those texts if he didn’t speak to me the way that he did on them. I was happy to apologize [and note that] his fiancée and I have aesthetic differences in invitations.”

Teddi laughed at the invites and stated, “I’m sorry, this is very cringe. And I just have to [read] it. It says, ‘Ladies, be inspired by your favorite Bond girl. Gentleman: black tie or a white coat like James [Bond].’” Ok, Teddi is not wrong. Making women dress up as a Bond girl for your wedding is so Kortnie – I mean, corny. It’s also unnecessary. These poor people have to fly all the way to Italy AND bring costumes? All for Jimmy’s fourth wedding.

For her part, Meghan admitted that she had not seen the invites prior to Teddi showing them. She added, “OK, alright, I mean everyone has their different style. I mean, it’s implied [that Jim is James Bond here].”

I don’t really give a rip about Jim’s wedding but I did enjoy this little tift. Anything that annoys Jim is music to my ears. Big ups to Teddi for serving us the drama…shaken, not stirred.


[Photo Credit: CBS]