The Real Housewives of Dubai - Season 1

Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 1 Reunion Trailer Is Finally Here And The Ladies Bring It

Caroline Brooks said it best — “The desert is ruthless”, and the ladies of the Real Housewives of Dubai are BRINGING the heat to their first-ever reunion. We’ve watched all season long as Housewives Chanel Ayan, Lesa MilanCaroline Stanbury, Brooks, Sara Al Madani, and Nina Ali showcase their lavish lifestyle in Dubai while also providing just as much binge-worthy TV along the way.

In the RHODubai reunion trailer which dropped today — captured by E! News, the ladies are wasting no time setting the record straight with each other. The trailer starts off with Ayan receiving a compliment from none other than supermodel Naomi Campbell. She gives Chanel a little encouragement adding, “You’re the best thing on the show. Don’t let anyone ruffle your feathers.” Ope. I know someone (Stanbury) who isn’t going to like that very much. Oh, well. Naomi, you’re speaking for everyone here. Chanel brings LIFE to this show and I’m here for it.

Shortly after, sparks really start to fly when host Andy Cohen starts digging into Stanbury about her husband’s (Sergio Carrallo’s) past tweets. Before she could respond, Lesa responds with what I was thinking adding, “Oh, the racist tweets?” Yeah… those ones. Although both Stanbury and her husband appeared on Watch What Happens Live and the question could’ve been posed there, I’m actually glad it was saved for the reunion. I think this is a topic everyone should be involved in.

Lesa and Caroline’s truce on the show clearly didn’t last long as Lesa can be seen firing again at Stanbury saying, “You are the wicked witch of the Middle East” to which Caroline shoots back adding, “Oh, you’re a former escort.” Yikes. Hopefully, you came with receipts to back that one up Stanbury.  That’s a big accusation and you know us Bravo fans… we love proof. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Lesa from her time on the show — SHE does the reading, not the other way around. This is why her response, “Focus on being in Jeffrey Epstein’s notebook” came as no surprise. She did tell us the only thing you can take from her are notes… better start paying attention, ladies — I’m scared Lesa and Ayan together may be too much for y’all to handle.

As the trailer continues Stanbury jumps in again with a big accusation saying, “There was a pact to get rid of me.” Pacts like this already!? Oh wow, this is just too good. Ayan responds with, “That’s not true” and at this point Brooks chimes in adding, “Yes it was because I was a part of it.” Speechless. Truly. I don’t expect too much from first season Housewives, but boy does this group know how to give us a show. The trailer closes out with yet another Housewives reunion binder full of receipts. This time presented to the group by Caroline Stanbury and titling it, “The book of lies — by Lesa Milan”.

To quote icon Lisa Barlow — “I’m shaking… I’m physically shaking.” This reunion trailer looks great and it has me even more excited to watch when it airs. And now, I can’t wait for season 2.

Check out the trailer below


[Photo Credit: Chris Haston/Bravo]