Big Brother 24’s Matt Turner And Jasmine Davis Get Matching Tattoos After House Drama

It’s finally time to put an end to muffingate!

After a long and grueling season of Big Brother, houseguests Matt Turner and Jasmine Davis have finally re-entered the outside world, and seems like the two are making up for some lost time inside the BB house.

The pair went with each other to get matching muffin tattoos, Turner shared on Instagram, reported by Us Weekly, captioning the body art, “Super Mega BUSSIN.” You can see Turner’s tattoo on his thigh while Jasmine opted to put the design on her foot.

Viewers may remember the beginning of the muffin drama when Jasmine first noticed that one of her fellow houseguests had eaten half of one of her baked goods back in August. Oooh, was she upset. I mean, think classic Real World and Bad Girls Club drama over someone eating something that’s not theirs. Yes, Jasmine was ready to set it off, and when she started her line of questioning to the rest of the houseguests, Turner initially denied his involvement but later admitted to Jospeh Abdin and Taylor Hale that he actually was the one who ate it.

Listen, I love Turner, but I’m on Jasmine’s side here. You left her HALF a muffin? He should’ve eaten the whole thing… maybe that would’ve caused less drama. I think it’s his audacity for both Jasmine and me!

The duo definitely rocked each other’s boat throughout their time in the house even though they were “Festie Besties” later in the season. Remember the time in the house Jasmine celebrated her birthday back in August and the rest of the cast took turns giving her compliments? Well, Turner could be seen looking bored and unamused — so maybe his eating her muffin was intentional after all?

The cast has been seen hanging out with each other for over a week now since the finale aired on Sunday, September 25th. Turner posted a photo of him and Jasmine captioning it, “Name a better FESTIE BESTIE DUO! And the muffin was BUSSIN btw.” He also added, “AND happy birth YEAR to Jasmine,” seemingly throwing some light-hearted shade at the fact the Georgia native stretched out her birthday celebration inside the house.


[Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved]