Cody Calafiore And Derrick Levasseur

Cody Calafiore And Derrick Levasseur Slam Big Brother 24 Houseguests Michael Bruner And Brittany Hoopes As “Performative Opportunists”

This current season of Big Brother has been extremely tough to watch. We’ve had players self-evict, the rise, and fall of alliances, and so much more in between.

Last week’s wave of events turned the house upside down as allegations of an all-white alliance spread through the BB house like wildfire. At the center of those allegations was houseguest Kyle Capener.

After pointing out that the people of color in the house had very compelling reasons for competing on the show, Kyle mentioned to fellow houseguests Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes that they should all band together to combat a possible second coming of the highly successful “Cookout” alliance. “That possibility of those six with that background, I mean, it looks very similar to the Cookout with a very diverse background,” he said.

And that just didn’t seem to sit well with the others. Michael, who at the beginning of the week was the target for eviction, used this previous conversation with Kyle as leverage so that others would target him instead. The question arising from this though is whether or not his intentions were solely strategic or completely genuine. The reactions on social media seem to be split down the middle. Some are coming to Kyle’s defense adding that what he said was in fact not racist and simply smart gameplay. Some, even the houseguests are saying it was. And others are asking why Michael and Brittany waited until it was beneficial for them to reveal this information if it was truly about championing inclusion.

Former Big Brother player and winner Cody Calafiore tweeted after last week’s eviction episode, “I’ve lost so much respect for so many people during this episode of Big Brother. Also gained so much for others.” Derrick Levasseur, Cody’s right-hand man and also the winner of season 16 tweeted, “I really hope Taylor [Hale], Monte [Taylor], Terrance [Higgins], or [Matt] Turner win this game. Alyssa [Snider] is clueless and Michael & Brittany are performative opportunist[s]. Their “morality” only became relevant when it contributed to their game. We don’t need to see that type of “strategy” being rewarded.”

The two host a podcast together called “The Winner’s Circle” where they discuss the current season and share their perspective on the game being played as former winners. Despite the two tweeting out their thoughts live as the show aired, they also had more to say when they got behind their microphones. Referring to Michael and Brittany, Cody said, “… you’re full of s–t. … if it was that serious to you, you wouldn’t have brought it up when you knew you were going to be a backdoor target, you wouldn’t have waited until after the veto, … and you wouldn’t have went about it the way that you actually did.”


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As we know, players inside the Big Brother house are cut off from the outside world so none of the players have any idea how America is actually perceiving what’s going on inside. Since Kyle’s eviction, however, he has been able to do a little more reflecting and he said, “As far as leaving the game, the responsibility then falls on me to continue to learn and grow and continue to find resources that can help me understand these types of situations more fully.”


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