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The Traitor’s Rachel Reilly Slams Cody Calafiore For Feuding With Her After The Season Ended

Even though Peacock’s The Traitors has finished airing, reality TV legend Rachel Reilly is dishing on her most recent beef with co-star, and friend, Cody Calafiore

In a new interview with In TouchRachel shared that with the season being over, she’s confused about her current feud with Cody. “It’s crazy because outside of the show, Cody is still feuding with me, which is so weird,” she said. 

Rachel continued, “I don’t understand. I texted Cody and I was like, ‘I don’t understand why you want to continue to have fights with me.'”

Rachel and Cody individually won Big Brother Seasons 13 and 22. They both competed on Peacock’s newest reality game show which closely resembles the CBS staple. In The Traitors, a group of reality TV vets, including Brandi GlanvilleKyle CookeKate Chastain, and Cirie Fields, played the game with a group of regular people. Set in a castle in Scotland, the cast was divided into either “Faithfuls” or “Traitors.” 

The “Faithful’s” goal was to eliminate the three “Traitors” in the group. If they were successful, they would split $250,000 among whoever remained. If they couldn’t stop them, the “Traitors” could steal the money at the end of the show. As one of the three “Traitors,” Cody was the first in their group to be eliminated. And Rachel, with a few other cast members, led the charge to give Cody the boot. 

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“I think he’s mad because I beat him in [Celebrity] Fear Factor,” Rachel added. “To be completely honest, I think that that’s the biggest surprise to me for a feud because Cody and I have a relationship from Big Brother [and] we have a relationship from [Celebrity] Fear Factor.” 

Despite their CBS alliance, Rachel said she “doesn’t want to play a reality TV show with him” again. Reilly also detailed Cody’s diss about her on his podcast, The Winners Circle, which shocked her.

“He said on his podcast … that I needed to be the best Big Brother player ever and that I was always trying to compete with him on all these shows,” she said. “I mean, no offense Cody, but maybe it’s just because I’m better.” 

Needless to say, The Traitor’s cast definitely needed a reunion. I’m happy Andy Cohen will be hosting it on February 28, 2023 on Peacock. “I feel like there’s a lot that needs to be discussed because when you watched the show back, you’re like, ‘Wait a minute, you said that behind the scenes… what was going on?'” Rachel finished. 


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