Mia Thornton

Mia Thornton Says Her Husband’s Brothers Stole All Of Their Money

Buckle up because this story is a wild one. Just in time for a new season of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Mia Thornton is raising eyebrows after claiming to have lost her family fortune. When Mia first came onto the Potomac scene, she shared that she and her husband, Gordon Thornton, ran an empire of The Joint Chiropractic franchises. Now, she’s alleging that Gordon’s brothers have stolen it all from right under their noses.

In true Mia fashion, she took to Instagram to make the shocking announcement. The mother of three wrote in a black-and-white text post, “Please pray for our family.” She continued, “Gordon’s brothers who he trusted to support and carry on the family legacy has recently revoked his access to the company back account while we were out of the country.”

In the caption under the post, Mia wrote that she’s “never experienced such pain.” She continued, “I practically birth these clinics so I’m feeling defeated right now. God has been preparing me for the ultimate fight of my life.”

So, the big lingering question is: how does this even happen? Surely, there’s more to the story than just a brother going rogue and revoking access to the company bank account? It just seems like taking over a company should be more complicated than that.

On Instagram, Mia claimed, “the person who Gordon selected to run [their] empire and who he thought would be the one to care for [her] and the kids has now manipulated the organizational structure.”

According to her, they’ve manipulated the organizational structure to the point that she won’t even get a paycheck after the next payroll cycle, something Mia attributes to her “unwavering loyalty to Gordon.”

Page Six reached out to The Joint Chiroporatcic’s corporate office to see if they could spill any tea on what’s really going on, but they declined to comment because corporate offices are no fun. Instead, they told the outlet, “As a matter of privacy, we do not discuss the details of our franchisees’ personal matters. All inquiries should be directed to the clinic owner-operators.”

So, we’ll have to look to Mia and Gordon for updates on this bizarre story. In the meantime, she expressed her sadness about not being able to see RHOP fans coming into her chiropractic offices.

Mia justified sharing the news about her family business on Instagram, writing, “Just want to let you all know because I love seeing our #rhop fans in our offices but I won’t be running into you all for a little bit, I don’t even feel comfortable recommending you continue to visit without having a direct influence on the operations. Although please know I will forever value you and I appreciate your love & support!


[Photo Credit: Charles Syke/ Bravo]