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Mia Thornton Slams Claims That Her Husband, Gordon Thornton, Funded Her Career; Says “Stop Discrediting My Accomplishments”

Season 6 of Real Housewives of Potomac is bringing it, and the newbies are no exception. Mia Thornton is besties with Grand Dame Karen Huger. Mia speaks her mind, but she does tend to also flip flop.

At RHOP co-star Wendy Osefo’s “nude interlude” party, Karen and Gizelle Bryant started arguing…again. Mia said that she felt like Gizelle “had a good heart.” She also made an impression when she told the ladies that her husband, Gordon Thornton, is 38 years older than her.

When Mia changed her mind and supported Karen, it rubbed Wendy the wrong way. The two had an argument at Karen’s home. During a game for the couples, Mia and Gordon revealed that they met at a strip club where Mia was a bartender/classy stripper.

Wendy referenced Gizelle in a tweet. “First you don’t know your age, then within 24 hours you go from her having a ‘good heart’ to ‘just a pretty face,’ then you say you’re a bartender when we all know you’re a stripper,” Wendy wrote. “So many lies… but go off sis.”

Mia clapped back, tweeting, “Whew. Chile. #bothered #much. Strippers have way more fun than Slithers. Just saying. (Natural Hair Flip.)” Apparently, Wendy will never live down her “slither” walk from last season.

During the most recent episode of RHOP, Mia had a tiff with Robyn Dixon’s friend, Askale Davis at Candiace Dillard’s pajama party. When Gizelle and Robyn confronted Mia over their text invitation to a Karen-free get-together, Askale defended her friends. Mia dissed Askale for not owning any businesses. Askale responded that she has several.

RHOP viewers have seen Mia trying to balance her business responsibilities with her home life. It is such a common struggle for so many people. But make no mistake, Mia is a boss.She recently posted a video on Instagram of her driving in her car and blowing a kiss to the camera. But in the comments, Mia hit back at those that don’t believe she attained her success on her own.


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“Please explain to me why so many of you find it easier to believe that G built/owned/gifted/appointed me my career?” she asked. “Franchising 101: Each Franchisee has to go through an extensive approval process. So please stop discrediting me and my accomplishments,” Mia wrote. “Sure, G has mentored and taught me a lot about business, but you have to back that talk with ACTION.” Take a seat because Mia was just warming up.

Mia continued, “I work my a$$ off and have been in franchising since 2013, purchased and developed Massage Envy Spas, Sold them, reinvested in The Joint Chiropractic, and have expanded over 6 different marketplaces.” That is impressive. “I’m also an approved Regional Developer for the entire state of Maryland and Washington, DC – Meaning I own the rights to the entire marketplace,” Mia said.


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The newbie Housewife continued, “So again, PLEASE stop discrediting my accomplishments because it’s easier to believe that this young hot thang couldn’t do it herself because I DID! Thank you, loves!” Mia commented. “Oh, and ‘the car I’m driving, I bought it’ @beyonce [Knowles],” she added. You go, girl!


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